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April 2013

  • Misconceptions about building inspections

    29 Apr, 2013
    Some misconceptions regarding building inspections need to be addressed. Building inspections can mean different things to different people, depending on who they are, what their needs may be, or even their job Some people are of a mind that an
  • Houspect Construction reports–Build, Buy and Invest with Confidence

    15 Apr, 2013
    Did you know Houspect has a range of construction reports that lets you rest assured that your home is being built to the proper standards? Inspections are usually timed in accordance with the various building stages such as slab down, brickwork co
  • DIY Renovators may be creating a nightmare and not a dream home

    11 Apr, 2013
    There has been an explosion of Home Renovation programmes on television of recent times showing ordinary people undertaking glamorous, dramatic and quite often substantial improvements to their homes. Making these programmes entertaining means they
  • Why do I need to organise a pre-purchase property report?

    2 Apr, 2013
    Buying a property is a big decision and it shouldn’t be left to chance. Pre-purchase building inspection reports provide valuable and detailed information designed to give you improved confidence and peace of mind in making your property decision. The