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Expert Witness Inspection & NCAT Reports

Houspect provides expert witness inspection reports for people involved in property disputes where an amicable resolution has not been possible. If you have lodged a complaint with NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal), Houspect can prepare a detailed report package providing independent assessment and report creation to assist you with your claim at NCAT. If required, the Houspect building inspector who prepares your report can also attend your hearing.

What Does the Report Provide?

Our Houspect inspection report documents the relevant building defects identified by our qualified inspector during an investigation of the property in question. The inspector will independently assess the condition of the works in dispute and report if the works are defective with reference to the NCC (National Construction Code), Australian Standards and the Guide to Standards and Tolerances. Reference can also be made to manufacturer’s specifications.

NCAT Documentation

The Houspect NCAT Report pack includes the following information:

  • A Houspect Building Inspection Special Investigation report.
  • A Scott Schedule, referencing the rectification works required and the accompanying costs for rectification.
  • Cost estimates workings.
  • The qualified building inspector’s Expert Witness resume.
  • NCAT Professional Witness declaration.

About the Houspect Building Inspector

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry and are qualified to assess and report defects in accordance with NCAT requirements. They will provide expert, independent and unbiased information on the condition of the property and may act as a expert witness at NCAT hearings.

For more information on our Expert Witness Inspections & NCAT Documentation, call Houspect on 1300 258 789 or email us at info.nsw@houspect.com.au or complete our online inquiry form

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