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  • Why Choosing a Building Inspection Company That Only Engages Registered Builders to Perform Building Inspections is Important.

    27 Nov, 2014 | 107 views

    You know it’s important to obtain a home inspection report before buying a new home, or as part of a maintenance plan on a property you already own. What you may not know, though, is just how important a distinction exists between registered builders and the average tradesman or even the most experienced handyman.

    Tradesmen and Handymen Versus Registered Building Inspectors
    If you’re acquainted with a tradesman or handyman, it may seem like a more economical choice to have them conduct an informal inspection of your property, or one you’re thinking of purchasing. While tradesmen are required to obtain licensing in a specific field and handymen may have substantial amounts of experience in minor repairs, neither is an ideal choice when you’re thinking of making a significant investment like purchasing a property.

    Registered Builders and Established Building Inspection Companies carry the proper insurance and have the required, specialized experience to make a careful evaluation of any property. Working with an established building inspection company allows you to obtain a comprehensive, written report on the condition of the property in question, which can prove to be a valuable negotiating tool if you’re purchasing a new home or commercial building.

    When you’re seeking out building inspection services as part of pre-purchase due diligence, it’s absolutely crucial to obtain a clear and accurate picture of the property’s condition. Undetected issues have the potential to become very expensive problems in short order, which is especially unpleasant when you’ve just taken on the financial burden of purchasing a new home or building. While tradesmen are trained to repair existing issues, they’re not typically trained to recognize potential areas of concern, or places where trouble may be brewing. Established Home Inspection Companies engage professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in this area, and also serve as a neutral third party.

    Tradesmen, Handymen and a Potential Conflict of Interest
    Established and reputable home inspection companies engage builders, but they’re not in the business of providing building or repair services. Unlike a tradesman or a handyman, conflict of interest is not a pressing issue when you obtain a building inspection through a company whose services leave nothing to be gained from a misleading report. A handyman or tradesman, even one with whom you are acquainted, can be tempted to make small issues seem more pressing in order to create a need for their building and repair offerings. You may save money on the inspection, but you could make up the difference in unnecessary repairs or building projects.

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