• Professional Building Inspector: What Are His Qualifications?

    2 Jun, 2016 | 654 views

    Buying property is an investment in the future. One you’ll want to make with confidence, knowing the building is in sound structural condition before taking on ownership of the property. When you’re considering the purchase of a home or commercial building, getting a professional building inspector out to evaluate the structure is imperative. Choosing your professional building inspector carefully is equally important. Because there is limited legislation regarding the licensure and regulation of professional building inspectors in Australia, ensuring the qualifications of an inspector is up to you.

    Qualifications to Look For in a Professional Building Inspector
    With this lack of government regulation, it’s easy for unqualified inspectors to set up shop and start taking your hard-earned money. Because you’re counting on a thorough inspection in order to make an informed purchasing decision, there are a few things you should look for when choosing a professional building inspector.

    Experience – A minimum of two years of relevant industry experience should be one of your criteria for hiring, as suggested by the New South Wales Fair Trading division. Ask an inspector how many years of experience they have in the building trade or property inspection, and be wary of those who don’t answer directly or have minimal experience.

    Education – A qualified professional building inspector will have a Diploma of Building Surveying, Building & Construction or a reasonable equivalent. Look for a registered builder, architect or engineer to handle your property inspection, one who has the requisite education and training.

    Training – While a registered builder, engineer or architect is certainly qualified to inspect a building, they also need to be specifically trained in detecting building faults. It’s also wise to choose an inspector with experience inspecting the type of property you’re considering.

    Insurance – The ideal professional building inspector will carry professional indemnity insurance of $10 million at minimum, with reinstatement provisions.

    Ask Questions
    When selecting a professional building inspector, you’re encouraged to ask questions in order to determine the qualifications of both the company and the individual inspector. It’s also wise to ask for a sample report to get an idea of what will be covered under an inspection, and to take a look at any fine print on the report. Inquire about whether inspections are carried out to the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1) to ensure the content of reports and the format is compliant.

    Pre-purchase building inspections allow you to make an informed buying decision. With the information contained in the report of a reputable, professional building inspector, you may be able to negotiate a lower price in order to pay for the expenses of repairs or at least enter into ownership forewarned about potential problems. To properly learn about the potential risks or expenses stemming from unseen structural, plumbing or electrical issues, you will need to work with a well-trained professional who understands how to spot these areas of risk. Choosing a highly qualified and experienced professional building inspector is of vital importance, so be sure to ask all relevant questions before making a hiring decision.

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