Solutions for Strata and Real Estate Property Managers

Are you a real estate property manager, a building manager, or an owners corporation manager (CPSM) with a portfolio of properties and have received reports from residents of urgent problems at a premises, or there has been a long running defect that you just need help with.

The issues could be cracking to masonry and render, leaking roof, deteriorated timber windows, driveway subsidence and tripping hazards, balconies and failing balusters, dampness, leaking basements, site drainage, safety concerns, etc. You may have taken on a property recently and need an audit of the site which includes many defects.

Whilst our name Houspect reveals our beginnings from more than 30 years ago with residential house inspections, we have evolved and provide inspection services for substantial commercial and strata properties. We also provide inspections services to major infrastructure projects (roads, pipelines, hospitals, etc). We have developed the methodology to capture the data at any property type, then identify the causes and contributing factors and deliver the solutions to you.

Our reports provide recommendations and a scope of works by priority order and cost estimates (when requested). It may be a new construction and the defects are the builder’s responsibility, or it may be an older building that needs a maintenance plan and some TLC.

Houspect provides Strata Maintenance and Defects Inspections & Work Schedules to Owners Committees, Strata Management companies and Property Managers across greater Melbourne and regional Victoria including Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Warragul and surrounding areas.

When you need solutions regarding problem buildings in your portfolio, contact Houspect to discuss the services outlined below;

  • Investigations; Assess damage and maintenance items, itemise the works with priorities. Typically, this is for a single issue or perhaps 2 or 3 immediate concerns. This is particularly focussed on building repairs and maintenance that have been let go and need prompt attention.  Assists the owners committee with planning repairs now through to about a 2year period.
  • Defects and Scope of Works; Usually for assessment/audit of a broader or more complex range of concerns at the property. The SOW provides more detail and definition of works with a break-down of key repairs for about a 1 to 5year period by priority.  
  • If requested, the Maintenance and Investigation type inspections can also review previous repairs at the property, to see if they have been completed to a satisfactory building standard. Landlords or committees can use the Houspect reports when seeking tenders from trades for repairs.
  • 10 Year Sinking Fund/Maintenance Plans; Prepared by registered quantity surveyors in conjunction with Houspect. Includes itemised allowances, annual totals and allocations per Unit as per the Plan of Subdivision entitlements. These provide a long-term basis for setting sinking fund levies for routine on-going maintenance.

About Houspect Building Inspectors

Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years experience in the industry. Call in the experts from Houspect who started their careers hammering nails in to timber as carpenters, then studied further to gain their registration as builders. Many have been project managers and most have 25 years or more experience in the residential and commercial construction industry. Some have the diploma of building surveying and we can allocate an architect if appropriate to the job.

Our inspectors provide expert, independent and unbiased assessment of the condition of your property.

To book or discuss how we can help you get solutions to property problems, call Houspect on 03 9808 4000, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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