Without a doubt, it is one thing to know that your property has a problem, it is quite another to find the cause and determine the right way to fix the problems.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what to do with a property problem, then call the building inspection experts at Houspect to clarify the issues and provide independent building advice, so you can re-gain your peace of mind.

Whether your property has rising damp, cracks in the walls, a bowed or leaking roof, mould, bouncy floors, leaks in the basement, cracked driveway or paving or rotten timber, investigating the issues with Houspect is an excellent first step towards finding a solution. Maybe you manage an apartment block that has several maintenance issues and needs independent advice and a scope of works so owners can understand what needs to be fixed first and in priority order.

Our inspection method and written report provides 3 clear sections;

  1. Description of problems, damage, condition and defects.
  2. Inspector’s comments on works, such as structure, materials, workmanship, drainage issues, safety matters etc as appropriate to problems on site.
  3. Recommendations on the concerns identified. Scope of works if required.

The service provides digital photographs to assist you, the insurance company (if applicable), or trades, with defining the damage and what to do to fix things.

We help property managers, owners corporation committees, certified practicing strata managers (CPSM), investors and private home owners, with solutions to building maintenance problems and defects at properties new or old. If you need to know the condition of a roof covering on a multi-level complex we may include a drone (UAV) to inspect quickly and safely. Let Houspect help you get things sorted.

Houspect provides professional Investigation Inspections and Reports across greater Melbourne and regional Victoria including Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Warragul and surrounding areas.

What Does the Investigation/Problem Property Inspection Report Provide?

An Investigation Inspection report is a comprehensive written survey completed in accordance with Australian Standards.

Our qualified Building Inspectors will assess problems and maintenance issues, identify the causes and recommend how to repair the problem and/or the next steps involved to rectify it. The report will describe the issues and solutions in simple, user-friendly terms. Our report contains a Glossary of Technical Terms to assist your comprehension of your report findings.

About Houspect Building Inspectors

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry. Our inspectors provide expert, independent and unbiased assessment of the condition of your property.

Call in the guys from Houspect who started their careers hammering nails in to timber as carpenters, then studied further to gain their registration as builders. Many have been project managers and most have 25 years or more experience in the construction industry. Some have the diploma of building surveying and we can allocate an architect if appropriate to the job.

We can help you get solutions to property problems. Call Houspect on 03 9808 4000, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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