• Pre-purchase Inspection

    Federal Budget Is Good News for Property Investors

    12 May, 2016 | 57 views

    The federal budget announcement earlier this month along with the decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to lower interest rates to an historic low, is welcome news for the Australian economy at large, and an especially good sign for the property industry.

    The combination of favourable capital gains tax rates and continued negative gearing tax benefits translate to this being an opportune time for property investment. The budget also includes over $33 billion infrastructure funding for Australia’s cities.  There are a lot of encouraging reasons to consider buying now for investors who’ve been sitting on the fence.

    If you’re ready to take advantage of these new budgetary incentives and buy property in Victoria, you’ll want to make certain that your investment is up to par by scheduling a pre-purchase inspection prior before signing on the dotted line.

    For new construction or existing structures, pre-purchase inspections establish the condition of a property prior to it changing hands.  A professional pre-purchase inspection by a licensed building inspector helps to inform both the seller and prospective buyer of any structural issues that need to be addressed before the sale is completed.

    A detailed report indicates, in easy-to-read format, the current conditions of a property offered for sale, providing protection and assurance for both parties. Investment property can be a risky venture under the best circumstances, and a professional inspection serves to minimise that risk.  A report will provide documentation as to the structural integrity of a building so the buyer can proceed with confidence.

    In accordance with Australian Standards, your pre-purchase inspection covers in detail structural and building reports including:

    • Roofing, both internal and external – checks for damage, leaks, structural integrity
    • Gutters, downpipes, drains, water pressure and hammer
    • Walls
    • Windows, window frames
    • Floors and sub-floors
    • Doors and door frames
    • Fencing
    • Stairs, patios, balconies
    • Cabinets
    • Safety switches and smoke alarms.

    Take advantage of an economy that favours property investment with confidence.  Schedule your pre-purchase inspection of the investment property of your choice and arm yourself with the protection of a detailed report that a Houspect inspection provides so you can buy, sell or invest with assurance.

    Existing structures in particular, can be difficult to appraise for the average buyer. Potential areas of concern are often inaccessible to a buyer, making it hard to identify trouble spots such as foundations and roofs, with any degree of certainty. Pre-purchase inspections include an assessment of all structural and property areas and can be scheduled within 24 hours of contacting your registered building inspector.