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  • 5 Top Issues Found in Building Inspections

    27 Nov, 2014 | 2,854 views

    Building inspections are a crucial part of buying or selling a home. For prospective buyers and sellers alike, having a professional building inspection is the single most effective way of determining the overall structural integrity of a property. People looking to buy are able to better protect themselves and their potential investment by making an informed purchasing decision without worries about unpleasant structural surprises in the future. For sellers, obtaining a property inspection allows you to be forewarned of any building defects before an offer is extended. The discovery of structural deficiencies through a potential buyer’s inspection can not only come as a shock, but also has the potential to completely derail a previously promising deal.

    Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new home or are preparing to list your property for sale, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with some of the most common issues discovered in professional building inspections. With this important knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to address some of the more common problems uncovered during a professional building inspection.

    1. Drainage – The primary issue disclosed on many professional building inspection reports is related to the drainage. A thorough, professional building inspection covers more than just the primary structure. A building inspector will also evaluate crucial aspects of the surrounding property to determine the potential for water damage and cracked slabs due to grading and drainage deficiencies. While this is a relatively common problem reported during building inspections, it can also be one which is remedied with ease. In many cases, the repair or installation of new gutters, downpipes and re-grading around the structure can lessen the threat of water damage significantly.
    2. Insufficient Ventilation – One of the most popular trends in modern home design, renovations and upgrades is energy efficiency. Saving money and making and effort to reduce energy use for the sake of the environment are admirable ideas, but as with anything else in life, you can have too much of a good thing. Homes which have been aggressively sealed against energy loss can, in fact, be sealed tightly enough to inhibit air flow and ventilation. The result is a high level of moisture within the home, which can lead to mold growth, water damage and rot.
    3. Plumbing Issues – The plumbing system in any home is an intricate one, but it can also be the source of problematic results on a professional building inspection report. Outdated, deteriorating or incompatible piping aren’t unusual, nor are waste line issues and faulty fixtures. Plumbing defects are among the most common problems discovered by professional building inspectors, and can affect the sale of a property if they’re not properly addressed.
    4. Roof Damage – While a well-built roof does have a surprisingly long life expectancy, even the best roof will eventually begin to degrade. Professional building inspections can often turn up issues with roofing which may have gone previously undetected, as most homeowners will not discover roof damage until it’s severe enough to cause leaks or be immediately visible.
    5. Structural Defects – Either as a result of building defects, general wear and tear or the underlying presence of the aforementioned common issues, structural defects can and do happen. Lack of maintenance, undetected leaks due to poor roofing or plumbing and degradation as a result of poor ventilation are just a few of the factors which can contribute to structural defects. Environmental factors and initial building practices can also contribute to cumulative damage sustained to rafters, floor joists, foundation walls and other structural components. This is especially common in older homes.

    Knowing the most prevalent issues found on building inspection reports can help sellers learn more about areas in which their property can be improved for future sale, and give buyers an idea of issues to be aware of before beginning their search in earnest. A reputable and experienced professional building inspections company will have the necessary knowledge to spot common problems, allowing all parties to be reasonably informed about the overall condition of any property.

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