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  • Understanding Corrosion Protection Requirements

    24 Feb, 2015 | 501 views

    You’ve been dreaming of a home on the coast, and now your dream is becoming a reality. In the excitement of planning your coastal retreat, though, it’s vital to keep building requirements specific to your property in mind. The National Construction Code features special corrosion protection requirements for coastal properties within one kilometer of breaking surf.

    What Corrosion Protection Requirements Mean for You

    As a property owner, unless you’re also an owner-builder, you don’t necessarily need an in-depth understanding corrosion protection requirements as established by the NCC; you just need to know such requirements exist, and be prepared to work with building professionals capable of ensuring compliance for your new property.

    The vast majority of builders who are active in coastal regions will know how to make sure your structure is compliant with NCC corrosion protection requirements, but it’s still a good idea to provide yourself with an extra layer of protection. Making sure your home or business meets the Australian Standards and is constructed of high-quality materials through good workmanship is just another aspect of protecting your real estate investment.

    How to Protect Your Property and Meet All Corrosion Protection Requirements

    You should never work with a builder you feel certain you cannot trust, but you should also think twice about trusting someone implicitly with the quality, structural soundness and legal compliance of your new property. Though your builder is responsible for choosing materials suitable under the law and compliant with all building codes, unless you’re experienced in the building trades, you may not be able to verify their choices. Also, from a legal standpoint, your builder is only expected to meet minimum requirements for structural elements, and may not make the same decisions in other areas that you would make if you were involved in the process.

    Just as you wouldn’t purchase a home or commercial property without first securing a pre-purchase inspection, you should also apply the same logic as part of the building process. The services of professional building inspectors include far more than pre-purchase and problem property reports; in fact, stage construction reports are often among the most popular.

    Having professional stage construction inspections conducted throughout the building process allows you to make sure your builders are adhering to not only a reasonable timeline, but also all NCC requirements and Australian Standards. These inspections allow you more oversight over the process, and give you the opportunity to address potentially problematic situations before your property is completed and you assume ownership. Don’t risk damaging exposure to the elements; make sure your new dream home is in keeping with the NCC and sufficiently protected from corrosion.

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