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  • Why Mortgage Brokers Should Encourage Professional Building Inspections

    9 Dec, 2014 | 101 views

    Generating viable leads and building a client list is vital to the success of a mortgage broker. Unfortunately, connecting with promising clients can be something of a challenge. One valuable but often overlooked source of new clients are referrals from past clients, but in order to have access to such referrals, you’ll have to make sure you’re going above and beyond to impress the buyers with whom you’re working right now.

    There are dozens of personal touches and small gestures which can make the home-buying experience and, by extension, your clients perception of your services largely positive. After the mortgage is approved, Offer and Acceptance is submitted and all the relevant papers are signed, your clients become homeowners who will not only look to you for refinancing should the need arise, but also refer their friends and acquaintances who are considering the purchase of a home. In order for them to feel confident about recommending your services or working with you again as their needs change in the future, though, your clients must have a positive perception of the home-buying process.

    How Professional Building Inspections Help Mortgage Brokers

    Ultimately, your role in the home-buying process is to help your clients get a great mortgage, Unfortunately, even if you uphold your end of the bargain beautifully, your clients’ overall experience purchasing a home will affect their perception of your services. This is why it’s important for mortgage brokers to not only work towards securing a mortgage for their customers, but also to protect those customers’ interests to the best of their ability.

    After a purchase has been completed, your clients will be responsible for maintaining their homes against normal wear and tear, along with repairs resulting from damage or a lack of structural integrity. They’ll also inherit liability for any illegal building or poor workmanship which predates their ownership of the property. Should your customers find themselves responsible for a home with structural faults or hidden building complications which only become apparent after a sale is final, their perception of the entire process will be damaged. For this reason alone, mortgage brokers can benefit by recommending their clients secure professional building inspections before submitting an Offer and Acceptance on any property.

    A professional building inspector can apprise your clients of any structural faults or building errors which may affect the value of a property they’re considering, which can give them greater bargaining power should they choose to proceed with a purchase in light of these discoveries. By recommending professional building inspections, you’re demonstrating a commitment to protecting your customers’ best interest and ensuring their purchasing experience is a positive one. With the help of a professional building inspector, you can increase positive perceptions among your existing clients, which helps you earn more referrals and build a stronger reputation.

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