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  • How Will the Upcoming Pool Regulation Changes Affect Me?

    17 Jun, 2015 | 76 views

    A swimming pool is a thing of joy on a hot summer day and can elevate family gatherings to new levels, but are you prepared for how the upcoming pool regulation changes could affect your investment? As a homeowner, you may be faced with new requirements in order to fully comply with the law regarding your pool, so it’s important to understand what these new regulations are and who will be affected by them.

    What You Should Know About New Pool Regulation Changes

    As part of an initiative to help put an end to childhood drowning and injury, the NSW Government and Royal Life Saving have teamed up to make some changes in the way pools are regulated throughout New South Wales. Now, owners of both swimming pools and spas will be required to register them through the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

    Do you plan to sell or lease your home in the near future? If you do so any time after April 2016, you’ll need either an occupation certificate or a valid certificate of compliance to do so. Beyond 29 April, you will not be legally allowed to advertise your property for lease or sale without the proper documentation. You’ll need to make sure your pool is in keeping with all relevant safety laws in order to obtain your certification, which means you’ll have to submit to a full inspection.

    Saving Time and Money: Meet New Pool Regulations Early

    Waiting for the last minute is rarely an effective strategy for saving money or managing time efficiently. Whether you plan to sell or lease your home in 2016 or not, it’s always wise to be prepared for the future and fully compliant with all relevant laws well in advance. This is especially important when it comes to new pool regulations in NSW, because the vast majority of pools will fail the first inspection. Furthermore, councils are advising homeowners that it can take up to ninety days or more to be issued a certificate of compliance as a result of increased demand on contractors qualified to make necessary repairs or alterations.

    The last thing you want when trying to sell a home is a delay, especially one with the potential to derail an otherwise promising sale. Because you never know what the future holds, it’s always a good idea to be proactive about new regulations from the outset. Work with an independent accredited inspection company to make sure your pool is compliant with all new safety regulations, and start the process of certifying your pool today. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes not only with knowing you’re fully compliant with the law, but also that your pool is certified for safety.  Contact a qualified, professional building inspection company in your area today to learn more about new regulations, and how you can make a point of meeting these requirements immediately.

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