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  • Why Pre-Handover Inspections Are a Good Idea

    8 Jul, 2015 | 6,285 views


    After all of the excitement, worry and stress of having your new home built, the project is finished. Are you really ready to move in, though? Unless you’ve invested in a pre-handover inspection, the answer to that question may not be as straightforward as you think.

    Why Do I Need a Pre-Handover Inspection?

    The last opportunity to have your home carefully evaluated for any flaws, building errors or shoddy workmanship is during the pre-handover inspection. After, it becomes much more difficult to have lingering issues addressed. From the point of practical completion, you only have a limited window during which you can report defects and expect your builder to make necessary adjustments, and it’s not always easy to spot potential problems if you don’t have experience within the building trades yourself. This is especially important when it comes to compliance with building laws and the Australian Standards.

    This is where a professional building inspector can make all the difference. Working with a building inspection company which only staffs the most experienced and knowledgeable inspectors allows you to take advantage of all that experience. Through a pre-handover inspection report, you can take note of any defects, errors or omissions before the small window of practical completion closes forever.

    Pre-Handover Inspections and the Importance of Working with a Professional Building Inspector

    No one knows what you want and expect out of the finished home more than you, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re equipped to handle the more intricate aspects of a pre-handover inspection. As a homeowner, you can easily spot areas which have not been completed to your specifications, but you may not be as well-versed in the more complicated legal aspects and best practices when it comes to building. To fully protect your real estate investment, you need a professional building inspector who’s equipped to look for areas of non-compliance or failure to adhere to certain standards. You may think you can spot an aesthetic error, but to an inexperienced eye there are plenty you will miss.   It’s always best to work with a seasoned and professional building inspector who has the necessary knowledge to prepare a comprehensive, thorough pre-handover inspection report, having this report will also give you a reference doc to refer to once the builder claims to have made good any defects.

    Your new home is something to be proud of and to celebrate; it shouldn’t be a source of added stress and anxiety after you move in and discover defects. Contact a professional building inspection company today to schedule your pre-handover report, and make sure you’re taking every necessary measure to protect yourself, your family and your sizeable investment.

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