• What’s the Most Boring Maintenance Job on a Home?

    21 Aug, 2015 | 126 views

    Ask any homeowner what their least favourite chore is in maintaining their home, and chances are that gutter cleaning will be at the top of their list. Few maintenance jobs are more tedious and time-consuming, yet there’s no disputing its necessity. The consequences of neglecting this area of home maintenance are many and, as you might expect, quite expensive.

    Don’t Let Your Money Go Down the Drain

    In many ways, moisture is one of the primary enemies of a healthy home. Condensation and leaks can lead to all sorts of property damage. Clogged gutters and downpipes result in overflows and consequent mould and stains on eave linings. Storm water overflows can result in ponding water at the base of your home which can seep into the foundations. Wood destroying organisms like black mould can eat away at the sub-flooring and walls. The resulting moisture is also a welcome mat for termites.

    To alleviate nightmares like these, and avoid unnecessary forays onto your home’s roof space, why not hire an inspector to do it for you? Not only does it allow you to keep your feet on the ground, but a professional inspector will provide detailed reports that can avoid troubles you might not have anticipated. .

    Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Cent to Spare

    Storm water accumulating around your home is a recipe for disaster if left unchecked. Landscaping can erode, building fascia can be damaged. Water clogging the gutters can even result in a leaky roof over time. Once that happens, you’re looking at untold damages to the interior of your home.

    Additionally, gutters that have been blocked up by tree leaves and silt will eventually corrode and leak, leading to even more water ponding around your home’s foundation. Rusted gutters will leak and replacement by a licensed plumber could cost you thousands of dollars for materials and labour. Depending on how many trees there are around your property (including the neighbour’s trees), it may be necessary to clean your gutters and downpipes every couple of months. The only way to know whether a cleaning is necessary is to get up there and check.

    A Professional View from the Top

    A building inspector will not only advise you as to the status of your gutters and downpipes, he or she can provide you a detailed report of any structural concerns that may need to be addressed and damages that might have been caused by drainage issues.

    If you’re selling your home, an inspection report will provide potential buyers with confidence in their purchase and alleviate buyer’s remorse. Any existing problems can be repaired prior to the sale of the home.

    As a homebuyer, an independent inspection that includes a detailed report of a home’s gutters and roof could provide a heads-up about any potential problems or satisfy you that the home is in good condition.

    For peace of mind, a building inspection from the top down can save you money and grief. Avoid the potential of having your home’s foundation eroded by storm water. Don’t let your wood structure be destroyed by mould or termites. Save yourself needless trips up the ladder to your roof. Let the professionals handle it for you and make your job as a homeowner a lot less stressful and dangerous.

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