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    Independent Inspectors Can Help When Building a New Property

    16 Aug, 2015 | 249 views

    For most homebuyers, the benefits of hiring a building inspector prior to the purchase of an established property are obvious. It makes perfect sense to have a professional inspect a home in order to identify any problems or potential issues before you buy it.

    What may not be readily apparent are the benefits of having a new construction (residential or commercial) inspected while it’s being built. After all, you might reason, the construction is brand new, under warranty, and nothing has had a chance to break yet. If only that were the case in every new construction.

    Unfortunately, all too often it isn’t. Building a new property involves various sub-contractors working on different aspects of construction, frequently in the same areas of the property. Overseeing each phase of construction is extremely difficult, and it’s often the case that something is missed in the process. For example, carpenters drive nails into electrical wiring. Electricians miss a termination before insulation covers the junction box. Plasterers close in a wall before it is properly insulated, etc.

    What You Can See Can’t Hurt You

    Inspections performed during construction of a new property allow greater access to the structures when more of the materials are exposed and visible for inspection. Areas of the structures and fixings that would later be hidden from sight and less accessible could also conceal defects that might cause problems in future. . At that point they would not only be more difficult to correct, but likely more costly as well.

    A construction inspection will insure that the work being done is according to the drawings and specifications and meets industry standards. The different areas of construction will be inspected while they are being done to confirm that the owner is getting what they are paying for. The construction is compared to the building plans to verify adherence to all specifications and any defects can be more readily rectified. .

    Also, the owner can gain a wealth of valuable knowledge about the construction and layout by accompanying the building inspector while the inspection is being done. Knowing things like where gas lines or plumbing enter your home, or how framing and fit-outs are positioned and installed can save you a lot of headaches and potential problems later on. Any plans for extensions or renovations go much more smoothly for the owner armed with such details.

    A Building Inspector as Expert Witness

    In a situation where there is a dispute between an owner and the construction company, an independent building inspector can provide valuable information and expert testimony to help resolve the matter. Photos and documentation provided by a professional inspector who offers such service can settle any discrepancies between parties. In fact, the proactive measure of hiring an independent inspector during construction may very well prevent those issues from occurring in the first place.

    Moving In After the Dust Settles

    The last thing you want to deal with when settling into a new property or home is the disruption of having repairs done while you’re occupying it. If you have your property inspected during construction, you can get any building issues fixed before moving in. Starting off fresh with a home you are now more familiar with, and more confident in its sound construction, offers peace of mind whose value is far beyond the nominal expense of hiring the independent inspector.

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