• Property Buyers Beware

    29 Oct, 2015 | 179 views

    Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Reports – Why buyers should use these before making an Offer…

    Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it also comes with its share of responsibilities, some of which are often overlooked. When you’ve found a home you love and are ready to submit an Offer, it’s easy to forego crucial protections like Building Inspections, though this hastiness is something you may regret in the future. Before you begin the process of purchasing a home, consider including these vital inspections in your Offer and Acceptance.

    Types of Building Inspections you can’t afford to skip

    There are several different types of building inspections, designed to shed light on any problems which may be lurking out of sight to the untrained eye. Some of these could have a very real impact on your financial health, may mean expensive repairs or compromise the integrity of your new purchase.

    • Structural Inspections – Professional building inspections don’t cover daily maintenance issues like broken light bulbs or peeling paint, but they do focus on the structural integrity of the property as a whole. Unless you have professional experience within the building trades, for instance, you may not be able to spot the signs of rising damp or foundation damage. These issues can be costly to repair and have a tremendous impact on the safety of your home. Fortunately, a registered Building Inspector can detect the telltale signs of structural trouble.
    • Timber Pest Inspections – There are more than 350 types of termite in Australia, though only a handful of these varieties consume and damage timber. Australia is home to every type of termite, which can leave homeowners in a difficult position if they’re not protected. A Timber Pest Inspection can uncover not only signs of an existing infestation, but also damage sustained as a result of past problems.
    • Comprehensive Building Inspections – Comprehensive building inspections cover a variety of issues which could lead to property trouble down the line. For example, most home buyers would not be able to examine the roof. A professional inspector can access the roof cavity, check the gutters and flashing and provide you with details of damage or looming problems.

    What New Home Buyers Should Know About Building Inspections

    A Pre-purchase Inspection Report details existing or potential issues without determining whether a purchase is reasonable; that decision is left up to you, as a buyer.

    What a professional building inspection does, though, is provide you with peace of mind, negotiating power and the inside knowledge you need to make a final decision. For instance, uncovering a major structural fault through a comprehensive building inspection doesn’t mean you have to pass on a promising property, only that you now have negotiating power to either lower the price, or make repairs a condition of purchase.

    Don’t make a home buying decision which could affect your financial stability for the rest of your life without a bit of research. Contact a professional building inspection company to help you learn more about your dream property, so you can make informed purchasing decisions.