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    Why Hire a Building Inspector for New Construction in Victoria?

    6 Oct, 2015 | 361 views

    If purchasing a new home is exciting, building one is an even more dizzying experience. New construction projects offer future home and business owners a high level of control over the finished product. Still, building defects can be just as problematic for a brand new property as they are for a neglected, older structure. One of the most effective ways to guard your investment and ensure the quality of your new home is to secure a building inspection report from a reputable, professional inspection expert.

    Why a Building Inspection Report is Important

    For many prospective Victoria property owners, building inspections seem necessary only when they’re considering the purchase of an existing property. While it’s certainly true that a pre-purchase building inspection report can disclose hidden structural defects and degradation accumulated over time, it’s just as important to obtain a building inspection report for new construction projects. It’s very common for property owners building a new house to ignore a building inspection report for their brand new property. Construction stages inspections are just as crucial as they are for existing homes.

    Incomplete or shoddy workmanship, defective installation and structural errors can turn a dream home into a nightmare very quickly. Even the most reputable Victoria building contractor can overlook items, which can lead to much larger issues in the future. Human error is a simple fact of life, even when you’re working with the best contractors and building professionals available. When simple oversights and mistakes can make such a significant impact on the overall integrity of your property, a home inspection report for new construction is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself, your family and your investment.

    A professional building inspector is also trained to spot potentially problematic issues with surface grading, drainage and other exterior problems. Lack of sufficient drainage and surface grading errors may seem like problems which only affect lawns and gardens, but they can actually lead to water damage to your home’s foundation, interior and exterior surfaces. Building contractors who are focused on the primary structure may not notice existing drainage or grading issues, or can fail to take them into account when building your new home.

    Choosing a Victoria Building Inspector

    The ideal inspector is a neutral third party with requisite experience and expertise in the building trades. A good property inspection professional has no financial stake in the findings of the report, so you can rest assured the data included is fair, unbiased and accurate.

    Look for a Victoria building inspector who specializes in the evaluation of new constructions. As so many buyers have the common misconception that building inspection reports aren’t important for new constructions, some companies may devote little time to the evaluation of properties under construction. With the right building professionals and an exceptional Victoria building inspector, you can help ensure the home of your dreams is structurally sound, well-constructed and of the highest quality.