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Houspect NSW Blog

  • Technology

    13 Jun, 2013
    Houspect has recently completed development of a new digital reporting system using the latest tablet technology. This new system will allow our reports to be completed, and customer ready, in a much shorter period of time. This benefits our custom
  • Winter Inspections

    13 Jun, 2013
    The most common items our customers request Houspect to investigate during the winter months are roof leaks. Whilst a large brown mark or a damp area on a ceiling is of concern for a potential buyer, it is usually only a minor maintenance issue.
  • Winter Weather

    13 Jun, 2013
    Keeping warm in winter may be as simple as turning up your heater, but these days that option is becoming very expensive. Saving, or conserving the heat in the first place, is a much better option. Here are a few simple, often over looked, sugge
  • Renovators

    13 Jun, 2013
    If you are considering undertaking ANY work to a pre-1983 building (even as simple as drilling a hole in a wall) please make sure that the building material you are drilling into or working with is not ASBESTOS. Any flat sheet building material fou
  • Building Disputes

    3 Jun, 2013
    With many people looking to renovate, there are a few simple steps that need to be taken to avoid disputes, even with the most pleasant of trade’s men/women. Most building industry disputes that are referred to Building Commissions are due to def
  • New Trend For Vendor Inspections

    8 May, 2013
    New Trend For Vendor Inspections Vendor Inspections, often referred to as Pre-Listing inspections, are becoming more popular because they eliminate many of the pitfalls and hassles associated doing an inspection when you have a buyer. The Pre-List
  • Check List For Property Buyers

    8 May, 2013
    Before buying a second hand car we’ll have it inspected by trusted third party transport agencies. How much more important it is to have a building inspected before purchase. While it need not cover every aspect of a building, the report should cover
  • Misconceptions about building inspections

    29 Apr, 2013
    Some misconceptions regarding building inspections need to be addressed. Building inspections can mean different things to different people, depending on who they are, what their needs may be, or even their job Some people are of a mind that an
  • Houspect Construction reports–Build, Buy and Invest with Confidence

    15 Apr, 2013
    Did you know Houspect has a range of construction reports that lets you rest assured that your home is being built to the proper standards? Inspections are usually timed in accordance with the various building stages such as slab down, brickwork co
  • DIY Renovators may be creating a nightmare and not a dream home

    11 Apr, 2013
    There has been an explosion of Home Renovation programmes on television of recent times showing ordinary people undertaking glamorous, dramatic and quite often substantial improvements to their homes. Making these programmes entertaining means they