Hi Jasna and Alison,

I just wanted to write to say thank you for your services over the past few months.  We won our auction on Saturday and are excited to be moving in, in the new year.  I must point out that Matt’s professionalism, diligence and true care, is a stand out.  He, together with your friendly and prompt service, elevate the Houspect brand to high heights.  I know that the Real Estate agent was also very impressed with Matt’s thoroughness, (as he mentioned exactly that to me on the day of the auction).

I was referred to you by Jim Kelly who is a personal friend and who run’s the ‘Hire a Hubby’ franchise on the Northern Beaches.  I will not think twice to refer you guys to my own friends either; the experience has been faultless.

Many thanks again and have a great week.

Kind regards