Hello Georgia,
Thank you so much for your incredible speedy response to complete this task.
I have received the report and am in awe how good it is. I will have to strongly think about my next move, thank you so much.
Best regards and a happy weekend to you and the thorough inspector.

UtaTanilba Bay

Dear Jasna,
I’ll take the opportunity to thank all the Houspect team for their dedication in getting our project to a good end with particular emphasis on our site inspector Daniel Perkowski. He’s been instrumental in achieving a high construction standard, his experience and dedication made a world of difference, I would have no hesitation in recommending Houspect to my circle, based on the quality of its professionals and quality of work.

AmaroSt Ives

Hi Jasna,
Thank you for the thorough report. We appreciate all the services that your company has provided to us during our building process.

George & KathyFrenchs Forest

Good morning,
Thank you to Byron for preparing this excellent report. In general I am truly impressed by this excellent report, with great attention to detail. Please tell Byron we will use it as a template to make repairs as he has advised.


Thanks Alison and thanks Pam for helping us along the way. You guys sure made our life easier and in my opinion, money well spent. Please also send our thanks to Daniel for his work and detailed reports.

PeterNorth Ryde

Hi Richard, I just want to let you know that I was very happy with the service provided. My inspector Matthew Melick was very knowledgeable, very professional . He knew what to look for, definitely worth having these inspections.

I feel satisfied that my building is constructed well and I know what are the defects. I was also impressed with Jasna being very reliable and always helpful and very efficient. I also really liked getting the defect report the day after inspection. Report was very comprehensive.

I would highly recommend your professional services to anyone who is building a new home . Money well spent.

Best regards,


Hi Pam,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come back to you, but I just wanted to thank you and Dan so much for the service you provided. I know our job was awkward initially given the work wasn’t finished properly and we really appreciated Dan’s honesty on this and your understanding to reschedule. The report you provided has made our defect resolution process a lot more straightforward and less stressful than we imagined it would be. So thank you so much. If you could please pass on our thanks to Dan too, it would be appreciated.

Many thanks again,

AmandaNorth Balgowlah

Many thanks Pam. This gave me piece of mind. Please extend my thanks to Louie for his explanations and patience in answering my questions. He was very professional.

MarieDulwich Hill

What an amazing service. Inspection completed and I also got the detailed report within 26hrs after I called Alison (Houspect consultant). The report identified multiple major and minor defects in the framing stage which could have a potential impact on the structural integrity of the house if ignored. The Houspect inspector also verified the corrective actions taken on the defects reported in the previous inspection i.e. Slab stage. Many thanks for your timely action. Well done Houspect team !!


Thank you so much Jasna – I’m certainly glad we partnered with your company! You’ve been wonderful!

GeorgeFrenchs Forest