I cannot recommend Houspect highly enough, Richard and his team were great to deal with. We had a Vendor Report done prior to our auction and I believe it made the difference in getting the price we wanted as it gave great confidence to our overseas buyer. The Houspect report is worth every cent.


If you are building a new home, PLEASE READ!!!!!!.
I was nervous and worried about an approaching final inspection to move into my home.
I have no building experience or friends who could help me, and only the trust in a builder and site supervisor, who wanted to build me a home and walk away as quick as they had built it. This is why I engaged the services of Houspect. I struck GOLD with Mickey and his team.
They were fantastic…….
The first phone call to Houspect was the help I needed to know things would be done. I was guided through what was going to happen and an inspector was organised to come out and help with my inspection. Nigel found some faults I would have otherwise missed. I have just moved into my new home and very happy. I would like to strongly recommend the services of Houspect.
Thank you again Micky, Nigel, and Enza for your help.


Just a quick note to say thanks for organising the inspection on our house recently for sale. Your team were amazing, customer service No.1 and the report was delivered in record time!


To: Enza,
Thank you, would definitely recommend your services to others!


Hi Richard
Thank you for your email. Great work from Nigel. Mrs Buchanan was very pleased with his clear explanations.
In the event that one of our clients requires your services, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Houspect.



You guys are my lucky charm. Every inspection you have done has led to a successful purchase!



Since 2012, I have enlisted the services of Houspect. The team is friendly and professional, their building report is easy to read and turnaround times are exceptional. The inspector even called me after the inspection to talk through the findings. This allowed me to factor in renovation costs into the purchase price and quickly make considered offers.
For peace of mind when purchasing a property, I will always arrange a building inspection with Houspect. I give the same advice to my family and friends.


The Houspect inspectors were friendly, able to answer any questions I had and actively sought my input for any concerns I wanted them to focus on. The reports were very thorough and easy for a layman to understand – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I highly recommend the team at Houspect.

JohnnyFrenchs Forest

Hi Enza,
Thank you very much for sending this information through.
I spoke with John yesterday and he was very informative, which was great. Thank you for all of your help with this, we have been very impressed with the service.

Kindest Regards


Hi Kylie,
I just spoke to Gareth who said that he was very impressed with your service at the inspections this morning. Thank you for looking after them for us.
Gareth said there were a couple of safety issues with the pool that the vendor agreed to fix prior to completion. We just want to double check them so we can arrange for an undertaking to be added to the contract prior to the cooling off period expiring.

Thanks for your help :)

CarolineTerry Hills