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    Fire Pits – There is No App for That Thank Goodness

    26 Jun, 2017 | 169 views

    Every landscape deserves a unique focal point; a place where you can gather with family and friends in style and comfort. In 2016 retailers, builders, and architects began noticing that a new trend was gaining traction. Fire pits, an old landscape favourite, emerged as one of the most popular focal points in New South Wales gardens.

    Fire pits have been around since humans first learned to use fire for heat and cooking. However, this common garden feature seems to have taken wings in recent years with new and innovative trends in design.

    Personalized Fire Pits

    Although fire pits are not a new fixture in New South Wales landscaping, the unique design ideas coming from homeowners is creating a trend. Retailers are seeing an increase in demand for personalized fire pit designs, inspiring the industry to become increasingly creative.

    Responding to the demand, retailers are increasingly adding tailored fire pit design to their available services. Due to the competition that this new trend has generated, the cost of uniquely designed fire pits is steadily decreasing.

    To further drive down costs, retailers are also providing more options for homeowners who prefer to cut out the middleman with a spot of DIY. You can buy all the materials you need for a unique fire pit from most major retailers.

    Even in the face of tightening laws around the burning of fires in New South Wales, retailers and homeowners remain unperturbed. The move has only resulted in homeowners benefiting from safer, eco-friendly fire pits that are better for both human health and the environment.

    If you are thinking of incorporating a new fire pit into your next landscaping project, here are some of the design ideas that have been trending the past year.

    Fire Pit Tables

    One of the most popular designs in fire pits in recent years is the fire pit table. Fire pit tables are both practical and stylish. Homeowners can opt for a coffee table style, or a full length table that accommodates seating for ten or more people.

    The fire pit is usually set in the centre of the table, providing a useable surface for drinking out or late night drinks in the garden. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide on a design that uniquely represents your landscape. Table fire pits are incredibly versatile in design and construction, allowing for greater freedom to express your personal taste and style.

    Combined Fire Pit and Water Feature

    When you marry two of the fiercest elements known to man, the result is fire pit and water feature combos that are breath taking in design. Fire and water can create spectacular visual effects, which is ideal for a garden living space that feels warm and relaxing.

    This trend combines two of the most popular landscaping focal points, allowing homeowners to have both without compromising on style or creating a cluttered landscape. We anticipate that this particular style will increase in popularity and designs become increasingly intricate.

    Bespoke Fire Pits

    One of the most common requests from homeowners when it comes to designing a landscape is for the designer to create a theme. In the past, fire pits were often a secondary thought which the designer needed to sell to the homeowner.

    With bespoke fire pits you get a focal point that is integrated with your landscape theme. There is no need to compromise your vision, or use landscaping terminology to justify the inclusion of a fire pit that doesn’t quite fit in. Instead you have a focal point that brings your landscape alive and acts as welcoming gathering spot for friends and family.

    Popular Materials

    Besides design, building materials have also been a focus in the design of fire pits. Real brick fire pits are extremely popular, as are stainless steel and ceramic units. More homeowners are opting for materials that offer greater freedom in design, too.

    When it comes to choosing the materials for your fire pit, opt for materials that provide the most flexibility and durability. New South Wales homeowners now consider the humble fire pit a must have feature, which can be used the whole year round. Make your fire pit a living feature in your landscape by choosing materials which best suit your lifestyle.