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  • Building a New Home in NSW

    4 Feb, 2017 | 293 views

    Building a new home can be an exciting, and at times, stressful experience. Whilst, in most cases, your builder has built many new homes and knows the process inside out, it’s a relatively new experience for any person looking to take the step of having a home built.

    It’s important that you do your research when it comes to with which builder to build. Reputation, quality and finishes are all something to research.

    Steps to Follow When Building a New Home

    We’ve included some easy to follow tips to consider when building your home.

    Set a budget and choose a builder that provides you with a fixed cost tender.

    · Most builders give you a fixed price and throughout the process there is allowances for certain items. If you have a budget in place, it’s important to follow it. It’s easy for costs to blow out of control when you’re choosing finishes.

    Check the reputation of your builder

    · Don’t just take the word of the builder, do some research of your own. Find reviews online, ask in forums, has there been a house nearby built by the same builder? Knock on the door and ask their opinion. Its better you know before you build rather than after the damage is done.

    Build with resale in mind

    · No matter how much you love the house you are building, it’s unlikely going to be the only home you ever own. Whilst your home should have your own personal touch, be mindful not to overcapitalize for your area and include features that will also appeal to others.

    Develop a good relationship with your site supervisor

    · Your site supervisor should be working with you and for you to ensure your build goes smoothly. Realistically, your home isn’t the only build that they are supervising and usually they are only able to visit the site 1-2 times per week. It’s important that you develop a good rapport with them so you can have open and honest discussions should there be something you’re not happy with.

    Call Houspect

    · Why? Because we can check your build at every stage and provide you with a written report including photos of any issues that need rectifying before or during the next stage of your build. It’s a must for peace of mind and it ensures your builder knows the workmanship and quality of finish will be accessed.