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    The Pre-purchase Building Inspection

    31 Jan, 2017 | 140 views

    Buying a home can be a stressful experience, especially in a heated market when competition is fierce. You think you’ve found your perfect home. There’s another 10 people at the open home who have thought exactly the same thing. So where to from here?

    Check Beyond the Surface

    Whilst the home décor may look beautiful, you need to look beyond to make sure there isn’t a nightmare hidden between the walls.

    Whilst we always recommend to have a pre-purchase building inspection done on any property you’re about to purchase, there’s a few things to watch out for when inspecting a home.

    Check for large cracks

    o   Cracks that are larger than 2.0mm in width or properties with excessive cracking can be cause for concern and advise should be sought from a qualified building inspector

    Check inside all cupboards

    o   Open all cupboards to see if there is any smell of dampness as damp smells can be an indication of rising damp or water leaks.

    Check for water stains

    o   Ensure there is no signs of moisture on any walls, especially walls that back onto the bathroom or laundry as there may be water leaks. Whilst this is not a structural defect, it can be a costly repair.

    Check for mould

    o   Whilst mould can sometimes just be a sign of poor upkeep and not enough airflow, if an ongoing problem, it can be quite expensive to have it professionally removed. It’s important to know the cause of the mould to ensure there is no health risk to your family.

    The Benefits of a Pre-purchase Building Inspection

    These are just a few things you can look out for, by yourself. It’s important when you’re interested in a home, you engage the services of a professional building inspector (Houspect 1300 258 789)

    Why is it important? Because they can save you from major financial and emotional stresses. A pre-purchase inspection will ensure the following:

    –          The house is structurally sound

    –          Advise of any repairs / maintenance

    –          Check there are RCD’s across the electrical circuits and smoke alarms are fitted

    –          Identify any unsafe areas in the home

    Don’t risk your greatest asset over a few hundred dollars – phone us today.