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Builder Upgrades that are Worth the Investment


Giving the go-ahead for upgrades can be a gamble – especially if you don’t know what does or does not add value to your home. Contractors may push you to make choices that are not necessarily going to benefit you or your family. Changing upgrades after a build is complete is an expensive proposition. It helps to know which builder upgrades are worth the investment.

Kitchen Upgrade

When you are not relaxing in front of the TV, you are likely in the kitchen fixing dinner or sitting around the table. This is the room where families make memories. The kitchen is also a room that draws interest from potential buyers. A functional kitchen that is aesthetically attractive is always a worthy upgrade.

Build your kitchen from the ground up. There is no rush to upgrade appliances and other elements such as countertops. The frame of the kitchen and design are the most important aspects to focus on for upgrade. Tall cabinets are both practical and attractive. A kitchen island is not only pleasing to the eye but makes the space functional.

Deeper basement

Your basement shouldn’t be a space that is uncomfortable to utilize. Adding height to a basement makes it a room that you can use. This upgrade will cost you but it is well worth stretching the budget for the value added to your home.

Plumbing Prep

There is no downside to having rough plumbing installed in your basement. Having the option of transforming the basement into a bathroom or wet-room is an easy renovation when the plumbing is already built-in. Rough plumbing is also an attractive selling point if you ever decide to put the property on the market.

Extra Lighting

Why do homeowners buy lamps? While it’s true that lamps can add to the style of a room, they are mostly added for functionality. Every home needs light and a typical build does not typically include enough lighting. Make sure that rooms that are functional, including kitchens and bathrooms, benefit from extra lighting upgrades.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency upgrades are a must. They save you money every month by controlling temperature and air flow through energy saving windows, air conditioning, space heating, and much more. When you live in the Northern Territory, energy efficiency is an upgrade you can’t afford to pass up on.

Larger Garage

The garage is one of the spaces that you can afford to upgrade. Unfortunately, you may be limited by your lot size. However, if you can expand your garage size, don’t pass up on the opportunity. This is a functional upgrade that will give you more space for vehicles, storage, or whatever other uses you choose.

Storage Expansion

Every homeowner wants storage that is both spacious and functional. An upgrade is your chance to make sure that the storage in your home works. Adding mechanisms that control elements such as cabinet organizers and bins won’t cost much and will help with the resale of your home. It is also important to consider the location of storage cabinets in the design of your home. The closer the cabinet to the room it is most associated with the better. You don’t want a linen cabinet that is downstairs, for instance.

Carpet padding

Carpet padding isn’t a terribly expensive investment and it adds significant comfort in your home. When you are relaxing for the evening, soft carpet padding under bare feet makes a home feel cosier. Combined with upgraded carpet, carpet padding is a worthy investment when you are building a new home.

Stage Construction Inspections

Houspect can help you ensure that your build goes according to plan. We carry out extensive stage construction inspections to identify any defects. You will receive a full report that is easy to interpret and can be used in discussions with your contractor.

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