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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Report

Houspect provides professional Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and reports for home owners and investors in Darwin and surrounds, in the Northern Territory.

Knowing the state of the property before you make a financial commitment is always a safer strategy in the property market. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you can’t be sure that the property is in good condition or whether it has significant issues that may require substantial repairs.

The problem is that not many home owners or investors have the technical knowledge to perform their own property inspection. This leaves them with the very real possibility of buying a property with potential structural problems requiring an unexpected and substantial outlay in both time and money. A pre-purchase building inspection will provide you with sufficient information to understand whether or not the property is sound or has any current or potential problems.

What Does the Report Provide?

A Houspect Pre-Purchase Building Inspection report is a comprehensive and independent document completed in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1.

The report dissects the property into all the various building components, describing the condition of each area and whether it requires your attention. The report will explain any existing problems and advise on repairs and also indicate any remedial or maintenance requirements that you need to consider prior to purchasing the property.

Your report also contains a glossary of technical terms to help you understand the report.

If you have any particular concerns or queries about the property you are interested in, simply let us know when you book your Houspect Building Inspection. We can then instruct the building inspector to specifically address these issues during the inspection.

About the Houspect Building Inspector

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry. Our inspectors will provide expert, independent and unbiased information on the condition of the property so you can make your buying decision with confidence.

What Does Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Cover?

Our pre-purchase building inspection covers a visual inspection of the following areas of the building subject to reasonable access:

  • Roofing, internal and external
  • Roof frame
  • Walls, internal and external
  • Under floor areas
  • Doors and frames, internal and external
  • Windows and frames, internal and external
  • Guttering and down pipes
  • Retaining walls
  • Patios, balconies and stairs
  • Pools, pergolas and paving
  • Fences and out buildings


  • Plumbing/electrical overview
  • Structural defects
  • Repairs and maintenance issues
  • General building defects.

For more information on our home owner and investor Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in NT, call Houspect on 1300 258 789, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.