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Building Disputes

Houspect provides professional Building Defects Inspections and reports for dispute resolution for home owners and investors in the Northern Territory.

If you had renovation or construction work performed and you believe the builder has made a mistake, it can be very difficult to prove liability without an independent expert building inspection report.

If you can’t resolve a building defects issue with your builder, you may have to approach the NT Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Council. To successfully prove your case to the Council it will help to have a comprehensive defect inspection report that clearly outlines the issues under dispute.

For a building defects report, you don’t necessarily need a structural engineer, as the Houspect Building Inspectors are licenced builders and are qualified to assess defects on a visual basis. Where assessment by a structural engineer is required your Houspect Inspector will advise you of this.

What Does the Report Provide?

A Houspect Building Defects Inspection report is a comprehensive and independent document completed in accordance with Australian Standards.

A Houspect Building Defects Report lists all of the items (interior and exterior of the building) that in the expert judgement of the building inspector do not reach building codes or an acceptable standard of workmanship. If any completed work is not in accordance with the building plans, does not comply with current National Construction Codes, or is not within accepted industry standards and tolerances, then these items will be listed in the building defects report.

The building inspection report will provide you with the defect details that are required to support your claim to the parties involved. Having such a report can at times help parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution, without the expense of going to court.

However, if a legal resolution is required, a Houspect Building Defects Report can provide an unbiased assessment that you will need to pursue your case further.

About the Houspect Building Inspector

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry. Our inspectors will provide expert, independent and unbiased information on the condition of the property.

For more information or to book a Building Defects Inspection in NT, call Houspect on 1300 258 789, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.