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Construction Stage Inspections

Houspect provides a range of Construction Inspections and reports for home owners and investors for new homes and renovation projects in the Northern Territory.

Building a new home or renovating a house is a complex process. If you want reassurance and independent expert advice that your new home construction or home renovation is being completed to a good standard, then you would benefit from Houspect Construction Inspections.

Many areas of the Northern Territory have special building requirements for cyclone zones and it is important these are also checked for conformance to building codes.

Most builders are reputable, but even the most reliable builder will make an occasional error. A Houspect Construction Inspection lets you rest assured that your home is being built to a good standard.

What Does the Report Provide?

We provide a range of construction inspections and reports to help ensure that the construction and workmanship on your project is completed in accordance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards. Our construction inspections for new homes and renovations gives you peace of mind during your build.

Our Houspect Construction Inspections are timed in accordance with standard construction stages, or at any time you need help.

About the Houspect Building Inspector

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry. Our inspectors will provide expert, independent and unbiased information on the assessment of the construction.

What Does a Construction Inspection Cover?

We check that all completed work is in accordance with the building plans, the NCC, applicable Australian Standards and that the workmanship is completed to a good industry standard.

Our building inspectors prepare a construction inspection report describing any issues or defects, it is designed to help you understand and communicate with your builder the problems to be rectified.

A Houspect Construction Inspection report can also be used if a dispute arises but it is designed to help avoid disputes by helping the builder address problems during the construction process.

If you are near the end of your build and want expert assurance that the job has been properly completed, then a pre-handover building inspection will determine if your builder has completed your home construction and final finishes in accordance with the plans and to a good industry standard.

Typical Construction Defects Identified by Our Building Inspections

Although most builders strive to complete new home construction and renovation projects to a good standard, we do find problems with some projects.

Houspect Building Inspectors identify all sorts of defects during the construction phase of new home builds and renovations.

Typical example defects include;

  • Incorrect slab dimensions and step-downs
  • Defective brickwork – mortar gaps and uneven perpends and joints
  • Missing/unsecured roof flashings
  • Frame/brick slab overhangs
  • Missing window flashings
  • Wall frames not straight and plumb
  • Windows not centred/wrong location
  • Window gaps
  • Unpainted door tops and bottoms
  • Damaged sliding door and window tracks
  • Missing & defective door furniture
  • Defective and opaque paintwork
  • Overpainting on trims and cornices
  • Cornice and skirting board gaps
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets poorly installed with uneven doors and gaps

For more information or to book a construction inspection in NT, call Houspect on 1300 258 789, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.