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Choosing Colours for Your New Home

choosing colours

The process of choosing colours and styles for a new home may seem daunting. This is a property that, until you sign off on it, only exists in your imagination. So how can you possibly know if it is really going to turn out as envisioned? The answer to that question lies in relying on the expertise of industry experts.

Once you take that first step and begin the process of building or buying a brand new property, you will have the opportunity to attend colour selection meetings with relevant contractors. In most new builds this process will involve dealing with a main contractor who takes care of all areas. However, you may need to consult with different contractors for each stage of the project.

Selection Studio

There are various potential settings in which you will choose your colours, with a selection studio being most common among them. This is where you will have the chance to meet the team of designers who will be handling your project and learn more about the process. There is no pressure to leap right in at this stage and you can typically explore what is available from the studio at your leisure.

Standard Inclusions

Standard inclusions are all the basics and what you would expect to see in your home before ‘upgrades.’ It is important to understand that an upgrade does not necessarily mean you are getting something special. It simply means anything of greater quality than what comes as standard from the studio. You can opt for standard inclusions and then upgrade later to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Exterior Design Elements

Exterior design elements such as roofing tiles, brick, facades and driveways are typically the first part of the process when you meet with an interior designer. These are important features so make sure to take full advantage of the interior designer’s time. Take notes and make reference of specific features that you are interested in.

Interior Design Elements

Your floors are the main area of focus when it comes to interior design elements. You will need to determine which materials are best and how to bring everything together. Of course, the kitchen is the heart of the home so that is the next area for consideration. The interior designer will go through cabinet and countertop options, before moving on to bathroom design.

Choosing Colours

Sometimes we take for granted that everything we see is on a colour and light spectrum. A new build or blank canvas in a home makes for endless possible combinations. A colour meeting with an interior designer will give you an idea of which colours work best and where. Ultimately, what you go with in the end is entirely your choice but it helps to have input from an expert who can help you see your new home in its best light.

Finding Your Own Inspiration

A good way to get a feel for choosing colours is by visiting show houses and interior design studios. You will gain a firsthand glimpse of different colour schemes in action. This may give you some great new ideas while helping you to dispel some not so great old ones. You can also use popular social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest to find styles that match your own.

If you are planning a new build, purchasing a home or planning renovations in the Northern Territory, you will need professional building inspections. Houspect provides detailed and easy to read inspection reports that will help the process go more smoothly so you can concentrate on the things that matter to you most.

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