Renovation Inspections and Reports

Renovating or extending a home is an exciting but potentially stressful experience. The decisions you have made leading up to the commencement of the build, such as choosing a builder, the new layout of the house, the choice of fixtures and fittings were an important first step to ensuring you end up with your renovation dream.

However, renovating a house can be a complex process and can often present challenges and unexpected problems along the way. No matter the good reputation of your builder, you are primarily dependent on those physically doing the work and on how closely they are being supervised on the job.

Renovations can present with poor workmanship or problems that require rectification before the next stage of the build can commence.

Being the person most invested in the build both financially and emotionally, a Houspect Renovation Inspection provides you with the opportunity to engage an independent third party with the experience and knowledge to assist you in ensuring your home is being built to a good standard.

A Houspect Renovation Inspection can also help you avoid spending even more time and money rectifying serious problems that should never have occurred in the first place.

Houspect carries out Renovation Inspections for home owners and investors in South Australia providing independent and expert reports completed in accordance with Australian Standards.

What Does the Report Provide?

A Houspect Renovation Inspection report is an independent document providing information on the construction and workmanship of your renovation and whether or not it is being completed in accordance to your plans and to Australian Standards.

Our experienced inspectors prepare a detailed report describing any issues, defects or poor workmanship, including photos of notable items so that you can see what issues may exist and what they look like. The report is designed to help you understand any problems and help you communicate with your builder the problems needing rectification.

The report also contains a glossary of technical terms to help with your understanding of the report.

A Houspect Inspection report can also be used if a dispute arises but it is designed to help avoid disputes by helping the builder address problems during the renovation process.

About the Houspect Building Inspector

All Houspect Building Inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry. Our inspectors will provide professional, independent and unbiased information on the progress and condition of your renovation.

What Does Our Renovation Inspection Cover?

Our building inspector will review the works to date, identify any defects or problems and answer any questions you may have about the renovation works or the condition of the house you are renovating. Our inspector also helps ensure that all workmanship has been completed to a good industry standard.

For more information or to book a renovation inspection in SA, call Houspect on 08 8344 2590, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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