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    Timber VS. Metal Frame Houses

    14 Aug, 2015 | 1,521 views

    There are so many questions for the new property owner making decisions about the building of their new home. More and more recently of late, one of those questions has been about timber vs. metal frame houses. Which should you choose, and why does the distinction matter?

    Why Timber vs. Metal Frame is an Important Question

    If you’re like many homeowners with no experience in the building trades, it can be difficult to understand why this particular question is so pressing. After all, your builder can surely sort out the best option for your home, right?

    The truth is, there are as many opinions on which material is superior and which is best suited to home building that it pays for homeowners to get their own ideas about these two building materials in order to make an informed choice.

    • Timber – If your builder makes a mistake on site during the framing process, it’s easy to correct in a hurry when they’re working with timber. Still, it’s highly susceptible to termites and other pests that feed on wood and can be subject to stress fractures. Timber tends to be less expensive, and moving joints in the finished home aren’t as noisy.
    • Metal Frame – Curves and creative designs are easier to realize with metal, which can be fabricated in almost any shape you can imagine. Building with metal frames means less margin for error, but is also faster than traditional timber framing in many cases. Metal framing can have a negative impact on your mobile phone reception and Wi-Fi signals, though, so you may have to make special arrangements in order to enjoy full connectivity. Still, termites and timber pests are far less of a concern, though not a fully eliminated one. Steel can be recycled for eco-friendly builds, but timber is a renewable resource which can be ethically sourced.

    Settling the Timber VS. Metal Frame Debate

    In the end, whether you and your builder settle on timber or metal framing for your new home, you’ll still need a certain level of protection throughout the building process. This is where a professional building inspector can protect you, your investment and your builder by providing comprehensive stage construction inspections. Every step of the way, you’ll be able to rest assured your home is being completed in keeping with the Australian Standards and local codes. When there’s less room for dispute, the relationship between you and your builder is more comfortable and less strained. You know your home is being built properly, and your builder has documented evidence of work quality.

    Don’t let the timber vs. metal frame debate distract you from what’s really important; contact a professional building inspection company today to learn more about how stage construction inspections can be your first and best line of defence against disputes, poor workmanship and shoddy home quality.

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