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    Window Basics – Styles & Types of Windows

    11 Oct, 2016 | 237 views

    Due to the extreme climate often experienced in Australia, window styles and types are not just a question of personal taste. In fact, many homeowners are making great savings on air conditioning costs, by simply choosing a style of window which promotes both the retention and loss of heat, for optimal indoor temperature. However, that doesn’t mean that your windows shouldn’t enhance the look and style of your home. Regardless of the type of window you choose, there are window styles available which are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

    Aluminium Windows

    There are a number of significant benefits to aluminium windows. This type of window is durable and highly resistant to corrosion. As the impact of weather is a major consideration for Australian home owners, it’s reassuring to know that aluminium windows will stand the test of time. Double glazed, aluminium windows are also extremely efficient when it comes to controlling heat retention. So, not only will you not need to replace your windows any time in the near future, you can switch off the air conditioning and save on your monthly electricity bill. Of course, that also means you will reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards protecting the environment.

    Bi Fold Window

    You have probably heard that bi fold doors have been increasingly popular with Australian homeowners. However, bi fold windows are also a great choice for your home. As far as window styles go, bi fold windows are the ideal choice if you are remodelling your home. You can install both bi fold windows and doors, which will instantly give your home a more modern look. Installing bi fold windows and doors, however, has a number of practical benefits, too. For one, this type of installation creates the appearance of space. All your rooms will look bigger when the doors are open, while also making it much easier to get from room to room. During the summer months, these wide-framed doors and windows allow for greater airflow, which will keep your home cooler and much more comfortable.  

    Double Hung Windows

    If you want a stylish window, which gives you more control over ventilation, double hung windows are probably the best choice for you. The mechanisms allow you to open both the top and bottom sashes, either together or independent of each other. However, due to how double hung windows are typically designed, they are not very energy efficient due to air being able to easily escape when the windows are closed. With that in mind, you may need further weather proofing with this type of window. What double hung windows lack in energy efficiency, they make up for in noise reduction – most notably when the windows are double glazed.

    Awning Windows

    An awning window is one of the well-established type of window styles. The design is simple, usually consisting of two panes per window. In most cases, the bottom pane is static meaning that only the top pane can be opened. The opening pane is hinged at the top of the frame, so that the window opens at an angle. Due to this type of design, the window can be kept open when it is raining as the angle when open prevents rain from getting into your home. Awning windows are fairly energy efficient; especially when it comes to heat retention. A good quality awning window will have excellent seals so that heat is not able to escape when the windows are closed. With a number of working parts, however, awning windows may require some maintenance and repairs over time.

    Louvre windows

    Louvre windows have long been a popular choice in Australian homes. The window is made up of a number of horizontal panes, constructed from materials such as glass, aluminium, wood etc. This style of window allows for better ventilation around the home, with most homeowners choosing to install them in specific rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Typically, the slots can open upwards or downwards, so you can control the direction of airflow into the room. 

    Window styles contribute a lot to a home. No matter with type you choose, be sure they are properly installed and  insulated to ensure both protection of your investment and control over energy loss.