Hello Alex,

I have been looking around to check that your offer is competitive, and it is. I would like to go ahead and get the property inspected. I will CC the sales agent into this email and please liaise with them about when you might gain access to the (vacant) property before settlement.


Hi Tracy, Thanks for getting back to me and for sharing some positive words with us.  It’s good to see that it’s not all about money out there and some people genuinely care.

We will let you know if anything changes but at this stage we won’t be requiring Houspect’s services due to the way the Contract is playing out.

I will leave you a 5 star review as appreciation of good customer attention.


Thank you so much for your great service, I am beyond satisfied. 🙂


Hi Kaye,

Many thanks for your quick response and extensive report.

We will download the pictures tomorrow as instructed.

Your quick and thorough service is much appreciated.

Many thanks again and kind regards


Dear Michelle,

Thank you for sending this on.  I appreciate your good work.

Kind regards, Peter


Thanks a lot Kaye. Appreciate how responsive Houspect has been. Please pass my thanks across to Ty and Keith for the assessment and associated reports.

Brad (Managing Director – Occupational Therapist)

Hi Tracey, I did just want to mention that the other day I was speaking to one of my neighbours who mentioned, without any enquiries from me, how impressed she had been with the whole process, and she did say that the staff were very pleasant, and that it all appeared to be a  very efficient process.


Dear Tracey,

We would also like to thank you very much for your support throughout this process. Your guidance in many things has been specially helpful for us as it was our first build. We greatly appreciate it. We would also like to thank Phillip and all the staff at HouspectVic who helped us along the way. We will highly recommend HouspectVic to anyone. Thank you once again and all the best for your future endeavours.


Hi Kaye,  Thanks for this.  John was excellent and I really liked his consultative approach. Cheers,


Thank you for your assistance with this inspection. Peter was extremely professional in his manner, it is obvious he holds a high level of Customer Service.