Thank you very much Melissa for your below email and the attached report.

I am loving your inspector’s reports which are very thorough, but also very easy to read and understand (for a layperson like me!).

Have a great weekend! 

Kind regards,

Vicki J

Hi Philip,

We hope that the report will now see the contractors act to rectify the defects

We are more than happy to put in writing the efficiency and professionalism displayed by your company which is critical as a client that approaches your company seeking a report is most likely a result of an ongoing dispute that can’t be resolved. 

If this is the case, like us, you are mentally, physically and financially exhausted and have lost all confidence in the contractor. 

That’s when you need someone with a presence and approach that is professional and respectful, which then allows you to believe for the first time in a long time that not all hope is lost. 

Russell C

Many thanks for the feedback 🙂  Pass on my genuine appreciation to the manager and inspector. 

Richard S

Greatly appreciated, always a pleasure working with you.



Nick M, Architect

Thank you so much for all your time and effort – absolute legends to complete the report within such a tight timeframe!

Thank you again!

Jessie T

You guys did a really great job.

You will be my No 1 referral list😊

100% we will do the positive reviews.

I also told Jason that you guys did a great job.

Thank you again.

Samantha Z, Associate Director, Property


Thank you for your help with our earlier building inspection this week – it really gave us confidence that we were making an informed decision to not make an offer.

We have a second property we are considering in Saint Kilda, and we have just discovered that the agent has moved the auction forward to this Wednesday. Is there any way it would be possible to get an inspection done before then? The agent is happy to be contacted directly.

All the best,

Abigail K

Abigail K

Hello Alex,

I have been looking around to check that your offer is competitive, and it is. I would like to go ahead and get the property inspected. I will CC the sales agent into this email and please liaise with them about when you might gain access to the (vacant) property before settlement.


Hi Tracy, Thanks for getting back to me and for sharing some positive words with us.  It’s good to see that it’s not all about money out there and some people genuinely care.

We will let you know if anything changes but at this stage we won’t be requiring Houspect’s services due to the way the Contract is playing out.

I will leave you a 5 star review as appreciation of good customer attention. 


Thank you so much for your great service, I am beyond satisfied. 🙂