Your team is very quick to respond.

I will definitely refer your company to friends and family.



Hi Sally,

Thanks very much for arranging Peter’s attendance last week. He seemed incredibly knowledgeable and I’m grateful for his assessment.

Many thanks.


Hi Phil,

Thanks so much for all your help along with the team.

I was very happy with the services provided and it’s worth every dollar for our peace of mind.

Kind Regards,


Hi Kaye
Thank you very much. I do appreciate how quickly this was done and professionally put together.


Hi Kaye,
We recently had a house inspection done through Houspect and would just like to complement you on an extremely thorough and easy to read report.  We were very impressed by not only the written report but also the many photos that were also included. Unfortunately on this occasion we  were not the successful bidder on this property but were extremely pleased we were armed with all the information re the building and will not hesitate to use your service again when the next property (hopefully) comes up.

Phil and Glenda

The inspection and communication has been of such high quality. Also the report is very comprehensive and will help resolve our issues. Thank you again


Tracey, you were fantastic and absolutely the reason we choose you.

Trevor was exceptionally thorough and very generous to talk through the findings as well as providing the written report. The photos and extent of detail was beyond what we had expected.

We will definitely be back in the future.

Warmest wishes to you and the team


We previously had an inspection completed by your company. We have been very happy with the outcome.
We would again like to organise an inspection for the final stage of the construction.
We have a walk through appoint this Wednesday (02/03/2016) at 10am


Good morning,

Thank you so much for this and the terrific amount of detail put into the report. It’s fantastic.
Thank you again for your service, renovations are a huge challenge and cause many headaches, I’m pleased to say you guys would have to be one of the most efficient and easy to deal with businesses I’ve encountered through this whole process. Thank you.


Meeting on site yesterday with Andrew and the site supervisor worked really well. It allowed Andrew and the site supervisor to discuss the issues identified and to seek mutually agreeable resolutions and it allowed me to understand specifically what the issues were.