• Building Permits

    26 Feb, 2013 | 55 views

    Building permits are necessary for most building projects, alterations, demolitions or removals and they confirm that a surveyor has approved the work. They are essential if you are building a new house and also for many renovations. Your builder should be able to obtain all the necessary permits, saving you a lot of time and paperwork. The contract should state who is obtaining the permits – you or the builder. However, the cost of the permits is your responsibility regardless of who obtains the permits.

    Building permits often have a timeframe in which the work is to be completed so make sure that you and the builder know how long this period is. Building surveyors or inspectors will also regularly inspect the work during the duration of the project to ensure that the requirements of the permit are being met. They will also inspect again at the end of the project. So that the inspections run as smoothly as possible, it is important that you or the builder communicate as openly as possible with the surveyor or inspector.

    Houspect can organise a complete set of inspections during construction from slab down, brickwork complete, roof on to practical completion. Be sure to give our friendly team a call to answer any questions you may have or to book your construction inspection on 08 9240 8855

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