Commercial Dilapidation Inspections

Why do WA Companies need Commercial Dilapidation Building Inspections?

Houspect WA undertakes dilapidation inspections for commercial projects ranging from 5 properties through to 500 properties across Western Australia. When we undertake dilapidation inspections on behalf of our commercial clients, Houspect provides its full project management expertise into the project, to ensure that our client’s investment in dilapidation inspections delivers on their full potential.

What are Dilapidation Inspections?

Dilapidation inspections are pre-works inspections (and post works inspections where required) on properties adjacent to a demolition or construction site. The aim of the inspection is to document the condition of the properties pre-works such that if there is any reported damage caused during the works, a pre and post position can be ascertained to determine the extent or otherwise of any damages claim.

What does our Commercial Dilapidation Inspection typically cover?

Typically, our dilapidation inspections cover key areas on target properties including:

  • Internal walls, cornices, ceilings, floors, architraves and flooring are inspected for cracks or defects.
  • External walls are examined for cracks, defects, structural movement or subsidence.
  • Existing damage, cracks and gaps to fences, concrete driveways, paving, pool areas and retaining walls.
  • Specific requirements can generally be incorporated as required.

What types of property’s can be inspected?

  • Residential, strata, commercial, rural and industrial buildings
  • Carparks, paths, crossovers, kerbing, roads, railways, bike paths
  • Parks, gardens, lawns and public utilities
  • Fences and retaining walls
  • At height properties can also be inspected through the use of commercial drones flown by CASA accredited and licenced pilots.

What does a Dilapidation Report provide?

A Houspect Dilapidation Inspection report is an independent, impartial document completed in accordance with Australian Standards.

Our building inspectors, all of whom are WA Registered Builders with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, will carefully assess and survey the current property conditions, documenting and photographing any existing internal and external cracks, gaps or subsidence, giving you a record of any pre-existing building defects. The report is supported by an extensive photo library.

If a problem does arise, a Houspect dilapidation inspection report provides you with a clear record of the extent of any prior property damage/defects. The dilapidation inspection may prove beneficial in assisting with any dispute resolution, consequently avoiding costly court action or civil litigation. Where a damages claim is made, Houspect can reinspect the damaged property to assist in the determination of the extent of damage attributable to the demolition or construction works.

What are the benefits of Dilapidation Inspections?

In WA, dilapidation inspections are often a contractual requirement within commercial tenders and hence must be delivered as a component of the overall project obligations. Moreover, dilapidation inspections are becoming an essential component of good project governance to ensure that the risk and liability associated with damage claims from actual or vibratory impacts on buildings adjacent to work sites are minimised.

Adjacent properties can potentially sustain cracking and/or defects during construction, caused by vibrations from demolition, compaction, pile driving, excavation, heavy equipment operation and/or construction, all of which can cause soil slippage, erosion or building defects to develop in adjoining properties.

A quality dilapidation report prepared by an independent professional firm can provide enormous value in determining a “before” condition and provides the ability to accurately assess condition change to a property post works, when an “after position” is required.

What is the difference between Private and Commercial Dilapidation Inspections?

Corporate dilapidation inspections tend to involve a larger number of properties and hence detailed project management needs to be applied to ensure that the overall dilapidation project is effectively managed. The components of a dilapidation project which may be required include:

  • Extensive mailing programs to property occupants
  • Door knock and calling programs to property occupants
  • Detailed records of responses from property occupants
  • Reinspection programs post works
  • Project close out correspondence
  • Damage assessments
  • Project reporting

Commercial dilapidation inspections are often a mandatory contractual obligation or regulatory requirement for commercial construction projects and are intended to support construction companies and building owners where a claim of adverse effects or structural damage to adjacent properties during demolition or construction is made. New construction works typically include new buildings and renovations, as well as government infrastructure upgrades to utilities, water, sewers, pathways, roads and tunnels.

About Houspect Building Inspectors who prepare Dilapidation Reports

In WA, building inspections and building inspectors are unregulated. As a consequence it is important that you have total confidence in the quality, skills, experience and professionalism of your building inspector. At Houspect WA:

  • Every one of our building inspectors is a WA Registered Builder in their own right. Their Builders Registration number is recorded in every report.
  • Every building inspector has a minimum of 20 years direct construction industry experience.
  • Our building inspectors are fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.
  • Every inspection report produced by Houspect WA is subject to a minimum of two levels of quality assurance review prior to being released.
  • Our state wide clients and building inspectors are supported by a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced customer service team based in our Balcatta operations centre.
  • All calls, enquiries or bookings are addressed promptly and professionally by our customer service team during our business hours of 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Our building inspectors are located across the entire Perth metropolitan area and in most major regional centres in WA.

Detailed tender responses and quotes can be provided by simply contacting Houspect WA on Phone 9240 8855, or email us at

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