In WA termites are prevalent and can cause considerable damage to a building. If you are buying a new home or building, having the property thoroughly inspected to determine the existence of current or past termite activity can be critically important. Progressing without a termite inspection may result in the subsequent identification of unexpected problems or even major structural damage with serious cost implications. Termite damage can run into the thousands of dollars to repair.

The majority of property purchase contracts incorporate a clause enabling a termite pest inspection to be undertaken and clearance provided as a pre-condition of the sale contract.

Termites Can Cause Massive Destruction to Properties

Termites can quickly damage a property, travelling considerable distances to feed on timber. This can cause irreparable damage to frames in a very short time, to the point of compromising the structural integrity of any building.

It can be very difficult to identify a termite infestation because they travel underground and often enter a building unseen. No new property owner wants to be faced with the costs involved with an unexpected termite infestation and damage repairs, so it’s important to conduct an annual termite inspection to detect them early on and have a control program initiated if necessary.

Pest Inspection Companies

Houspect WA does not support its building inspectors undertaking pest inspections as many other WA building inspectors do. Sure, it is very easy to have the building inspectors licenced as pest inspectors, but we do not believe this is in the best interest of our clients to do so. Our building inspectors are WA Registered Builders and their skill set is in inspecting the core building elements. They are not pest inspection professionals.

Houspect refers all pest inspections to independent professional Termite and Pest Inspection companies to inspect for termite and pest infestations, identify any evidence of old activity and document any visible termite damage and infestations. The pest inspection report will indicate whether any visible termite barriers exist on the property and if any remedial termite control programs are already in place. These firms can provide an ongoing pest inspection and treatment program if required.

Our preferred approach, as described above, will result in you having both a building inspector and a separate pest inspector inspecting your new property. We believe there can be real benefits in having two specialists inspect the property from their individual professional perspectives and within their areas of expertise.

Prior to referring Houspect clients to the Termite inspection company, the company’s credentials, licences, expertise, experience, insurances, customer service and professionalism is validated. In essence Houspect clients benefit from the volume of business we refer to the pest inspection company.

We know that trying to coordinate times with agents, owners and tenants can be frustrating, so we can organise a pest inspection to be undertaken at the same time as the building inspection, on your behalf. The reports are completed in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4349.3. All the pest inspection companies we use for client referrals are:

  • Licensed
  • Registered
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Fully Insured

For more information or to book a Pest Inspection at your location, call Houspect on Ph: 9240 8855, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form.