Building Dispute Inspections

Why do WA Property Owners and Builders request a Building Dispute Inspection?

Sadly, building disputes can arise for a variety of different reasons many of which relate to a difference in understanding, an expectation gap or a lack of quality documentation which clearly defines the intended build. Throw in emotion, personalities and communication issues, resolution can often seem a distant challenge.

In WA, property owners are supported by the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 which sets out some fundamental requirements which must be followed by builders and contractors for home building works. Assuming the builder or contractor follow these requirements then at least your build should be headed in the right direction.

A building dispute inspection is one way to bring fact and independence into a discussion between a property owner and a builder or contractor. A Houspect building inspector can attend your building construction and reconcile what has been built on site with the contract, approved plans, Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. This well-worn approach should hopefully enable the discussion to focus on the key residual construction issues and provide an independent assessment of any construction defects.

Houspect provides its building dispute inspection services to both home owners and builders.

What Does the Building Dispute Inspection Report Provide?

There is not one but three different building dispute inspection report options, the most suitable being the specific circumstances applicable to the individual building dispute. The options include:

  • A building defect report which is a high level gap analysis of the overall construction
  • An investigation report on specific construction issues which is a deeper analysis on individual construction items which attempts to:
    • Clearly define the construction defect
    • Identify if possible why the defect arose
    • Identify where possible what needs to be done to remediate the defect
  • An independent expert report which once again reports on specific construction issues but which also provides much more specific supporting detail, references to the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. The report is produced in a format acceptable as an independent expert report in WA Building Commission, State Administrative Tribunal or Magistrate Court hearings.

What are the benefits of a Building Dispute Inspection?

Completed in accordance with Australian Standard 4349, Houspect Building Inspections are a visual inspection of the building construction work. The reports are produce by independent WA registered Builders with 20 year experience. The reports aim to provide clarity, facts and independence to building disputes to enable both parties to move toward resolution.

What is covered in a Building Dispute Inspection?

The scope of the inspection is entirely determined by our clients. We can review the entire construction or any specific component of the build.

About your Houspect Building Inspector

In WA, building inspections and building inspectors are unregulated. As a consequence it is important that you have total confidence in the quality, skills, experience and professionalism of your building inspector. At Houspect WA:

  • Every one of our building inspectors is a WA Registered Builder in their own right. Their Builders Registration number is recorded in every report.
  • Every building inspector has a minimum of 20 years direct construction industry experience.
  • Our building inspectors are fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.
  • Every inspection report produced by Houspect WA is subject to a minimum of two levels of quality assurance review prior to being released.
  • Our state wide clients and building inspectors are supported by a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced customer service team based in our Balcatta operations centre.
  • All calls, enquiries or bookings are addressed promptly and professionally by our dedicated customer service team during our business hours of 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Our building inspectors are located across the entire Perth metropolitan area and in most major regional centres in WA.

Houspect WA or its Directors maintain a number of important professional memberships including:

  • Master Builders Association of WA
  • Housing Industry Association
  • Strata Community Association of WA
  • Australian Institute of Conveyances WA

During the 20 plus years of operating in WA, Houspect has conducted in excess of 50,000 quality building inspections.

Buy, build and invest with confidence with Houspect WA.

For more information or to book an investigation inspection, call Houspect on Phone 9240 8855, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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