• Fire in the Home

    11 Jan, 2013 | 58 views

    Every year people die in house fires, most die from inhaling toxic smoke and dangerous fumes. Sadly, most household fires are accidental and preventable.

    Fires starting in the bedroom or lounge room account for 73% of all house fire fatalities.(Source: FESA 2010/11 Annual Report)

    Losing your home to fire is a devastating experience with huge emotional and financial costs. By installing a smoke alarm in your home and preparing an escape plan you can help protect your family and property.

    If a fire starts in your home, never beat the fire as this increases oxygen flow causing it to spread, leave and call triple zero (000) immediately.

    Tips to protect your property from fire

    • Install mains powered smoke alarms
    • Develop and practice anEscape Plan with household members
    • When installing security, always select a licensed installer
    • When installing heating systems only used qualified tradesmen
    • Guard open fires with a fine mesh screen to prevent sparks and logs falling out
    • Clean chimney and flues regularly from built-up ash and soot
    • Be alert when cooking and never leave food unattended
    • Never leave lit cigarettes to burn unattended
    • Never leave children unattended with candles, matches and lighters
    • Only purchase fire blankets and extinguishers that meet Australian Standards
    • Know what to do if a person’s clothing catches on fire.Stop, drop, cover and roll

    For more information go to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website at