• Houspect Construction reports–Build, Buy and Invest with Confidence

    7 Dec, 2012 | 49 views

    Did you know Houspect has a range of construction reports that lets you rest assured that your home is being built to the proper standards?

    Inspections are usually timed in accordance with the various building stages such as slab down, bri
    ckwork complete, roof on and practical completion.
    Houspect checks that all the work completed is in accordance with the building plans.
    We check that all components of the building comply with current Australian Standards and Building Codes.

    We ensure that the workmanship is at an industry standard.
    We prepare a typed report listing all items to be rectified by the builder. This report is a legal document and can be used as evidence in court if necessary.

    For your peace of mind, our inspectors will ensure you are really getting what you have requested and paid for from your builder.
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