• Professional Building Inspectors and Strata Manager Working Together

    26 Nov, 2014 | 49 views

    Strata managers are responsible for a great number of tasks, especially when they’re charged with running larger schemes. In addition to maintaining records and budgeting documents, a strata manager must also ensure the scheme is fully compliant with all governmental regulations, as well coordinating repairs and regular maintenance.

    Because maintenance and repairs can quickly become a full-time job in and of themselves, it’s often beneficial for strata managers to form good working relationships with a variety of building professionals, including professional building inspectors.

    How Building Inspectors Help Strata Managers Work Effectively

    It’s easy to note problems which are immediately obvious to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, the most pressing repair and maintenance issues are often those which aren’t so easy to spot.

    When relatively minor damages or small areas of disrepair aren’t addressed, unfavorable conditions only become exacerbated. Major structural faults and defects can deal a substantial blow to sinking funds and may create the need for special levies. In many cases, these faults and defects can be avoided if damage is noticed and addressed in a timely manner, but infrequent inspections make it difficult for strata managers to head off deterioration. By maintaining a relationship with a reputable and knowledgeable professional building inspector, strata managers are able to easily schedule regular evaluations for the properties under their purview.

    Common Maintenance Issues Faced by Strata Managers

    Hidden water leaks are relatively common in strata buildings, as are faulty guttering and issues with balconies or decking. Any one of these issues can quickly become very serious risks to the property and residents of the building. It’s also easy for some potentially serious defects and problems to go undetected due to the nature of a strata scheme arrangement.

    The residents who make up an owners corporation may understand that any and all repairs or maintenance required in common areas fall into their collective area of responsibility, but may not always realise just how much of a building can be considered common property. Individual residents are responsible for maintaining and repairing anything within the airspace of their own unit, which can mean the areas between walls and under flooring is ultimately common space. These areas tend to be the same ones where undetected leaks, water damage and similar issues are located,

    Professional building inspectors who are experienced in dealing with strata building inspections understand not only the potential maintenance problems unique to such buildings, but also how to tailor inspections to such schemes. Because they only provide a neutral evaluation of the building and do not offer any types of repair, maintenance or damage mitigation services, there’s also no risk for conflict of interest, which can be a concern when builders and tradespeople conduct informal inspections.

    Protect your strata properties, and the residents who live there, by working with professional building inspectors to schedule regular building inspections.

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