• Renovators warned about asbestos danger

    9 Jan, 2013 | 44 views

    Master Builders Australia (MBA) has called on greater education amongst renovators about the potential danger of exposure to asbestos during renovation projects.

    MBA chief executive officer Wilhelm Harnisch says: “The recent University of Western Australia research on asbestos disease indicates that home renovators are the third wave of asbestos disease victims.

    He believes that greater awareness is needed for DIY enthusiasts embarking on jobs that cause major structural changes to the home, revealing asbestos during the process

    “Any education activities under a National Strategy need to have two clear messages – home owners should not do any renovation until they are sure that they will not disturb asbestos and asbestos removal should be undertaken by experts,” he asserts.

    Homeowners considering bathroom renovations or any overhaul project that may involve knocking down walls or removing roofs should consult with an expert prior to conducting work.

    Many residents will simply be unaware of the potential hazards to themselves and their family waiting within their walls and floors.

    MBA has also stated that asbestos removal need only be prioritised in cases where the materials have deteriorated or the dwelling is planning to undergo redevelopment or renovation.