• Shower recess tips

    16 Aug, 2013 | 82 views

    Shower recess issues and problems

    In some cases damaged shower recesses can require structural repairs to the surrounding wall and floor structures. The most common areas where showers leak apart from tiling and corners are around taps and down the walls behind the taps and sink. Sometimes the issue can be inside the walls and plumbers use a pressure test to check the connections and pipe junctions are pressure tight. Also if the shower fitting is not well secured to the pipe nipple, water can escape down behind the tiles. Other problems can be caused by over enthusiastic cleaning and the products being used where the acids in the cleaning products etch out sections of the cement grout between the tiles and produce a concentrated point of attack on acrylic materials in the waterproofing membranes

    Usually the solution to these issues is to remove the tiles, seal the whole wall and re-tile

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