• Summer Home Survival Guide

    14 Dec, 2012 | 49 views

    Xmas and summer time can sometimes be stressful due to getting your entertaining areas prepared for BBQ’s , the extra maintenance required around your property, not forgetting the xmas shopping and having families over

    Homes are the centre of activity during the Xmas and Summer holiday and if you want your house to be the brightest and looking festive then we all need to spend a few moments preparing for this time of year

    By following these simple tips you can protect your home against the harsh summer sun, insect pests and ensure the swimming pool and spa is in tip top shape

    Clean gutters and downpipes of tree debris to ensure fires can’t start

    Ensure your dustbins have been cleaned either by a professional company or yourself to keep rodents and nasty bugs at bay as well as unpleasant odours

    Test your electrical circuit shut of switch—ensure those xmas lights you plug in are all sound and wiring isn’t faulty – Consider contacting an electrician to evaluate any potential issues

    Practice ladder safety—falls account for many injuries at this time of year

    Use extension cords sparingly – Remember to avoid using extension cords when possible

    Keep bugs away at night with a bug zapper

    Pools- A pool requires attention throughout the year, ensure you have a good pump and filter that is well maintained to keep the water clean all year

    Most importantly check all pool gates are operating correctly and fencing is secure and child proof and no steps or pieces of furniture are close by that toddlers can stand on to gain access to the pool

    Learn resuscitation skills—resuscitation is a skill for life and in a drowning situation, any attempt is better than nothing

    Enjoy the summer and be safe and sound