• Top 10 renovation ideas

    12 Apr, 2013 | 48 views

    Top 10 renovation ideas

    1. Replace front door and make sure the new door has a warm paint colour.
    2. Basic landscaping – don’t overcapitalize here however low maintenance plants and easy care gardens and some new grass can do wonders.
    3. Replace carpet with polished timber floors.
    4. Paint all internal walls and include a feature wall – paint light colours for airy, bright and spacious allure.
    5. Resurface the kitchen cupboards with or replace bench tops and handles.
    6. Build a deck for an external living area.
    7. Add another wall to divide living spaces and make another bedroom.
    8. Make windows into external doors that create a flowing, open and seamless space that connect to outdoor areas.
    9. Make the laundry into a bathroom, and a linen cupboard into a laundry.
    10. Enclose the carport and see if the garage can become a living area.