• What is a building inspection report?

    28 Mar, 2014 | 57 views


    with Houspect Building Inspections WA Director Chris Walsh

    What is a building inspection report?

    A report is a visual assessment by an inspector to identify any structural and/or significant defects of the major building components of a property that are visible at the time of the property inspection. It should be completed by a registered builder with years of experience, accurately detail a property’s condition, explain in simple terms what needs to be fixed, and meet the Australian Standard for building inspections, AS4349. It shouldn’t be seen as an all-encompassing report that deals with every aspect of a property.

    What types of reports are available?

    Pre-purchase inspection reports and homes under construction reports.

    Who should request a report?

    If sellers want the best price for their property, they should identify and rectify any property defects prior to the listing so that the real estate transaction occurs trouble free. For the buyer, it’s important they know what they are buying to avoid potential financial heartache. Purchasing a new home is usually the largest investment you make in a lifetime, so every written real estate offer should state that a pre-purchase inspection be undertaken. When people decide to purchase a second-hand car, their first thought is to have it inspected for mechanical defaults. Purchasing a house shouldn’t be any different.

    What should a report address?

    A report should examine a home’s:

    * Internal and external roofing
    * Roof frame
    * Internal and external walls
    * Patios, balconies and stairs
    * Guttering and downpipes
    * Pool areas, pergolas and paving
    * Internal and external windows and frames.

    What are some of the common building problems observed in Western Australian homes?

    The extent of any problem depends largely on the property’s age and type and location. Some of the issues we regularly identify in homes are termite damage, unsafe balustrades, rotting timbers, fire risks, water leaks and the absence of air vents in rooms with a gas connection.

    Houspect Building Inspections can be contacted via email info.wa@houspect.com.au or phone 08 9240 8855

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