• Why do I need a property inspection report?

    26 Sep, 2013 | 69 views

    Why do I need to organise a pre-purchase property report?

    Buying a property is a big decision and it shouldn’t be left to chance. Pre-purchase building inspection reports provide valuable and detailed information designed to give you improved confidence and peace of mind in making your property decision. The investment to purchase a report is very small compared to the property investment you will make.

    How long does it take to get a Report?

    The report will normally be available within 24 – 48 hours of the inspection but sometimes even on the day of the inspection. To order a report please click here or go to


    How long does an Inspection Report stay valid?

    All property reports have a limited lifespan as they must reflect recent property information. Reports are valid for UP TO three months from the property or strata inspection date.

    What if I don’t understand something in the Report?

    Our Houspect Support team are available to answer your questions and in some cases will request our inspectors contact you to explain particular items in the report. Simply call us on 08 9240 8855 during normal business hours or via email on info.wa@houspect.com.au

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