• Why do I need a timber pest inspection?

    7 Mar, 2013 | 70 views


    All property owners should be encouraged to recognise the necessity for having regular Timber Pest Inspections.

    The Australian Standards recommend inspections at least on an annual basis.

    The majority of people today have a desire to lessen the chemical impact especially on the home environment and people who once had annual treatments for termite prevention now opt for Annual Timber Pest Inspections.

    These inspections should be as comprehensive about termites as Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections and a full report should be provided for the home owner’s records.These records can then be provided to the new owners when the property changes hands.

    The main object of Pre purchase Timber Pest Inspections is to look for evidence of damage caused by termites,or fungal decay or borers.

    Also, any conditions that make the property more susceptible to Timber Pests are noted, for example, timbers in contact with the ground, high moisture areas e.g. leaking pipes, air conditioning units discharging water next to the house etc.

    Houspect Termite Inspections recommendations can then be made to the property owner to lessen the risk of Timber Pests.

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