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    Building Inspections Go Hi Tech – with Commercial Drones

    15 Jul, 2016 | 323 views

    Houspect WA leads the commercial and residential building inspections industry through the marriage of the latest technology – commercial drones – and the experience, skills and confidence provided through 30 years of building and construction experience.

    With the appropriate development of state and federal occupational health and safety laws, the days of climbing on top of multi-story buildings to inspect roofs, roof plumbing and roof fittings is long gone. Today, safety is the industry driver. Safety harnesses, scaffolding, scissor lifts, boom lifts and approved traffic management plans are all key attributes of safely inspecting roofs on multi story commercial, strata and residential buildings. Unfortunately, these safety initiatives come at a considerable cost, such that many roof inspections are simply being ignored because of the cost associated with effective and safe roof inspections.

    Commercial Drones for Building Inspections

    In many situations commercial drones are the answer. Houspect WA has pioneered the use of commercial drones in WA to inspect roofs. The pilots (yes they are pilots) who fly them are CASA accredited to fly in residential and commercial areas. The drone operators take high resolution images of the entire roof cover which are then analysed by our Building Inspector, with selected images included in our building inspection report. The two man drone crew’s work in tandem to ensure the aircraft is positioned correctly so optimal roof, gutter and down pipe photographs are taken. Images are captured by a high resolution 40 megapixel cameras and provide exceptional detail on the condition of the entire roof. Generally between 200 and 1,000 images are taken on every roof inspected.

    The use of commercial drones means building owners can effectively manage their ongoing maintenance costs by ensuring that their roofs are inspected by qualified and professional Registered Builders on a regular and cost efficient basis.

    By only using commercial CASA accredited pilots property owners can be assured that the drones are being flown legally, by pilots who are properly insured and abide by strict confidentiality and privacy policies.  This contrasts with cowboy operators who use unlicensed pilots illegally flying close to buildings and across roads. Commercial drones are excellent, but property owners need to know exactly who they are dealing and that they have the appropriate professional credentials.

    The drones used by Houspect WA are not toys, they are aircraft piloted by pilots.

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