• Building Your Dream Home in WA – Help!

    4 Jul, 2017 | 99 views

    Independent Building Inspections by WA Registered Builders are a Very Important Stage of Your New Dream Home Build

    Consider this:

    Today – You have just signed one of the biggest contracts in your life! You are about to build your dream home – you’re excited, happy, anxious, nervous and just a little scared!

    Future– You have just moved into your new home, you’re happy, your homes looks spectacular, the construction journey has been positive, you’re still talking to your builder and most importantly you’re still talking to your partner!

    What Strategies will You Employ to Make Sure You Arrive in Your New Home as You Intended?

    Houspect clients will often start a new home construction journey with varying degrees of knowledge, understanding and confidence on what the construction journey entails. Builder relationships with clients generally start very positive and some end on the same positive note while others wane or even become hostile by the end of the construction, potentially adding considerable angst to what should otherwise be a rewarding journey.

    The Solution – Houspect Staged Construction Inspections

    At Houspect we provide our clients with solid independent guidance and support during the construction of their new dream home. We are there to support clients by providing detailed assessments of the construction at every key stage along the construction journey. Typically our inspections are conducted at the following stages:

    During Construction:

    • Slab down (each level)
    • Walls to plate height (each level)
    • Floor, Wall and Roof Framing/Cover (upper level for framed upper level homes)
    • Roof on (each level (if required))
    • Lock Up (and wet area waterproofing)

    • Practical Completion /Handover

    Post Construction

    • Maintenance period inspections
    • Defect liability issues

    The objective of these progressive construction inspections is to provide you, the home owner, with the confidence that the construction is proceeding according to the approved plans, Building Code of Australia and applicable Australian Standards. Residential constructions will take many months, sometimes more than a year to complete. As the build progresses, some construction work may become hidden or covered by subsequent construction work. Having a number of inspections undertaken at key construction stages can help avoid hidden problems manifesting after you move in.

    The Building Inspector’s role is not an adversarial role with your builder. The Building Inspector is another set of qualified and very experienced eyes reviewing and checking your new home construction at regular intervals. Each inspection is reported to you in a detailed inspection report and our clients simply share these reports with the builder as soon as they are provided. If you have any particular concerns with the construction, our inspector can review these when he is on site reviewing your construction.

    Interestingly, Houspect also checks new home constructions on behalf of some of Perth’s new builders as a part of their own quality assurance programs. Some construction site supervisors even appreciate our reports as it is another check for them on the progress of the construction.

    By having Houspect inspect your new dream home at regular intervals, you can gain the peace of mind that the construction is progressing as intended. When our inspection reports identify a construction item or issues with your home, it is just a matter of sharing our reports with your Builder so that they can remediate as required. Our reports come with lots of pictures so that there can be no confusion about the item we have identified. Most quality Builders appreciate the detailed analysis that our reports provide.

    The Houspect Team Approach

    When clients elect to have 4 or more staged inspections conducted during the construction of their new home, our goal at Houspect is to allocate the same Building Inspector to your new home for the entire build, ensuring that the inspector becomes familiar with your home construction and your builder. We will also dedicate one of our Houspect staff members as your single point of contact for all the questions and queries you may have during the construction. Finally, if you purchase four or more inspections up-front, we will provide you with a 15% discount on your total inspection fees.

    If you would like more information on Houspect WA’s home construction inspections please call Houspect on Ph 9240 8855 or email Houspect on enquiry@houspectwa.com.au