• What is a Practical Completion or Handover Building Inspection?

    7 May, 2015 | 1,823 views

    Taking the plunge and having your dream home built is an exciting time, but unless you have a wealth of construction and building experience, it can also be fraught with confusion. There are a host of new terms to learn and stacks of paperwork to complete, and it’s not always easy to know the role each of these reports plays in the overall process. One of these important, but not always easily understood steps is the practical completion building inspection.

    What New Homeowners Should Know About Practical Completion Building Inspections

    Cautious owners keen to protect their investment throughout each step of the construction process usually engage reputable independent building inspection companies to conduct inspection reports. Investing in stage construction inspections, for instance, is the single most effective way to protect you against defects which may otherwise be hidden, and this package can generate several different reports at each stage of the building process. By the time your new home is completed and you’re preparing to take possession of your brand new property, you’ll probably be eager to assume ownership. Still, there’s one last inspection you should always make a point of obtaining for your own protection: a practical completion building inspection.

    When a builder completes your new home, you’ll have a defects liability period which serves as some protection against faults resulting from the builder’s actions or workmanship. Should any problems arise after this relatively short period has expired, you’ll be left with very little protection. A practical completion inspection takes place when all of the major construction work on a new home or building is complete, except for minor defects. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure all work meets Australian Standards and tradesman-like practice standards. By securing a practical completion report, you’re able to learn about any existing defects and have them addressed during the liability period, before handover.

    How Practical Completion Building Inspections Protect New Homeowners

    When a new home doesn’t meet Australian Standards, your builder is liable for addressing any relevant defects. Shoddy craftsmanship, leaks or plumbing errors, electrical faults and roof problems are just a sampling of the issues you could face as a homeowner, and they’re all problems which would be detected by a skilled, experienced building inspector. Too often, though, homeowners don’t discover the presence of these problems until after the liability period ends, leaving them responsible for financing all necessary repairs.

    Don’t let your dream home become a major problem. Take the time to secure a practical completion building inspection report before handover, and enjoy moving into your new space with complete peace of mind.

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